Joseph F Pizzino, David B Patchett: Apparatus and process for desalination of seawater. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Navy, Luther A Marsh, Howard Kaiser, John Stowe, April 7, 1992: US05102550 (47 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and process for desalination of seawater using a hydrophobic por permeable membrane. Heated seawater is passed across one surface of a membrane at rates which cause the flow to be turbid such that its turbidity is characterized by Reynolds numbers in excess of 1000. Fresh water is passe ...

Larry A Lien: Spiral-wound membrane cartridge with ribbed and spaced carrier layer. Desalination Systems, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery, February 20, 1990: US04902417 (46 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are spiral-wound membrane cartridge constructions for use in ultrafiltration and reverse-osmosis separation equipment, each of which include a feed layer, a membrane layer and a permeate carrier layer. By using a feed layer in the form of a channel material having a plurality of parallel r ...

Ata M Hassan: Process for desalination of saline water, especially water, having increased product yield and quality. Saline Water Conversion Corporation, Brown Martin Haller & McClain, January 21, 2003: US06508936 (46 worldwide citation)

A desalination process is disclosed which combining two or more substantially different water treatment processes in a unique manner to desalinate saline water, especially sea water, to produce a high yield of high quality fresh water, including potable water, at an energy consumption equivalent to ...

Donald T Bray, David H Hopkins: Spiral wound membrane. Desalination Systems, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery, June 27, 1989: US04842736 (46 worldwide citation)

A spiral wound membrane cartridge for use in separating a first component from a feed fluid mixture of the first component and the second component. The cartridge includes a permeate collection tube and at least one permeate carrier leaf extending outwardly from the tube. The cartridge further inclu ...

Theodore A Kuepper: Zero waste effluent water desalination system. Theodore A Kuepper, Marvin E Jacobs, August 15, 2000: US06103125 (45 worldwide citation)

A water desalination and softening system that can be used in a home or commercial environment which recirculates water past a membrane filter element in a manner to self clean the membrane and to prevent a buildup of salts and minerals on the membrane surface. The system conserves water so as to re ...

Tadahiro Uemura, Hideo Fujimaki, Toshihiro Ikeda: Process of producing composite semipermeable membrane. Toray, Austin R Miller, September 24, 1991: US05051178 (45 worldwide citation)

Alkyldiamine, 1,3,5-trihydroxybenzene or 1,3-dihydroxybenzene is added as a copolymerization component to a polyfunctional aromatic amine component in the amount of 1-20% by weight with respect to the polyfunctional aromatic amine in producing a composite semipermeable membrane by laminating on a mi ...

Franklin E Conger: Desalination process system and by-product recovery. Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation, April 11, 1978: US04083781 (45 worldwide citation)

A desalination process system combining reverse osmosis, evaporation and brine concentration with by-product recovery.

James F Klausner, Renwei Mei: Diffusion driven desalination apparatus and process. University of Florida, Akerman Senterfitt, July 19, 2005: US06919000 (44 worldwide citation)

A diffusion driven desalination apparatus and related method includes structure for receiving a heated water stream and creating at least one region having a thin film of water and structure for forcing a low humidity air stream over the thin film of water, wherein water from the thin film of water ...

Lloyd E Williams, Robert K Mays, Joseph E Wagner III: Production of high capacity inorganic crystalline base exchange materials. J M Huber Corporation, Robert L Price, Harold H Flanders, August 9, 1977: US04041135 (44 worldwide citation)

A method is disclosed for producing inorganic crystalline base exchange materials having high total exchange capacities and specific initial exchange rates which yield well-defined residual concentrations for the elements of Group II of the Periodic Table. The method of the invention includes the co ...

Joseph E Toomey: Electro-synthesis of alcohols and carboxylic acids from corresponding metal salts. Reilly, Woodard Emhardt Naughton Moriarty & McNett, March 1, 1994: US05290404 (44 worldwide citation)

A preferred electrochemical process for producing an alcohol or carboxylic acid from a corresponding metal salt while also recovering metal cation residues is described. The preferred process does not require a three-compartment desalination cell but rather can be performed in a standard two-compart ...

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