Larry A Lien: Spiral-wound membrane cartridge with ribbed and spaced carrier layer. Desalination Systems, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery, February 20, 1990: US04902417 (44 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are spiral-wound membrane cartridge constructions for use in ultrafiltration and reverse-osmosis separation equipment, each of which include a feed layer, a membrane layer and a permeate carrier layer. By using a feed layer in the form of a channel material having a plurality of parallel r ...

Theodore A Kuepper: Zero waste effluent water desalination system. Theodore A Kuepper, Marvin E Jacobs, August 15, 2000: US06103125 (44 worldwide citation)

A water desalination and softening system that can be used in a home or commercial environment which recirculates water past a membrane filter element in a manner to self clean the membrane and to prevent a buildup of salts and minerals on the membrane surface. The system conserves water so as to re ...

Franklin E Conger: Desalination process system and by-product recovery. Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation, April 11, 1978: US04083781 (44 worldwide citation)

A desalination process system combining reverse osmosis, evaporation and brine concentration with by-product recovery.

John E Tomaschke: Interfacially synthesized reverse osmosis membrane containing an amine salt and processes for preparing the same. Hydranautics Corporation, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas, August 14, 1990: US04948507 (44 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to an interfacially synthesized reverse osmosis membrane useful for the separation of fluid mixtures and solutions. In particular, the present invention relates to a polyamide water permeable membrane containing a monomeric amine salt therein, which is useful for desali ...

David H Hopkins: Spiral-wound membrane cartridge. Desalination Systems, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery, March 6, 1990: US04906372 (43 worldwide citation)

A reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration separation device for treating a liquid feed wherein a separation assembly is wound spirally about a central permeate-carrying tube. The assembly includes an elongated semipermeable membrane envelope which includes an interior permeate passageway and feed-passage ...

Joseph F Pizzino, David B Patchett: Apparatus and process for desalination of seawater. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Navy, Luther A Marsh, Howard Kaiser, John Stowe, April 7, 1992: US05102550 (42 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and process for desalination of seawater using a hydrophobic por permeable membrane. Heated seawater is passed across one surface of a membrane at rates which cause the flow to be turbid such that its turbidity is characterized by Reynolds numbers in excess of 1000. Fresh water is passe ...

Masahiro Kuwata: Electrodeionization apparatus. Organo Corporation, Rosenthal & Osha L, August 14, 2001: US06274019 (42 worldwide citation)

Water to be treated (feed water) flows through a series of desalination chambers filled with ion exchange resins on which impurity ions in the feed water are removed. Each desalination chamber consists of a cation-permeable membrane on one side with an anion-permeable membrane on the other side. The ...

Ross M Brown: Combination plumbing fixture for water purification system having waste bypass flow. Desalination Systems Escondido CA, Thomas D Lane, November 16, 1971: US3620241 (42 worldwide citation)

In a water purification system wherein a supply of pressurized, potable, product water is to be dispensed as required, and a small volume flow of nonpressurized byproduct waste water is to be discharged to a potentially contaminated drain, a combination plumbing fixture comprises a body with a valve ...

Robert L Somerville, Samuel F Sweat, John L Sullivan: Method of converting brines to useful products. Killworth Gottman Hagan & Schaeff, January 6, 1987: US04634533 (41 worldwide citation)

A process is provided for the recovery of one or more useful products including fertilizer, animal feed supplements, iron oxide, magnesia, salt, purified brine, and purified water from brines. The source of the brines can be oil and gas field wastes, seawater or effluent from a seawater desalination ...

Robbins Adam: Semipermeable membrane cartridge and method of making.. Desalination Systems, March 3, 1993: EP0529921-A1 (41 worldwide citation)

Cartridges for use in ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis separation devices are formed by injection molding a generally tubular, smooth, seamless shell about a spirally-wrapped semipermeable membrane assembly. These cartridges can be used within traditional separation devices having pressure vessels ...

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