Gary D Simpson, Karl Lin: Process for improving thermal efficiency while producing power and desalinating water. Kenneth A Robby, July 20, 1999: US05925223 (49 worldwide citation)

A process and apparatus for improving the thermal efficiency of a steam turbine power generating plant while simultaneously desalinating seawater or brine and purifying water which contains minerals, salts, and other dissolved solids. Exhaust gases from a power plant is heat exchanged against water ...

Franklin E Conger: Desalination process system and by-product recovery. Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation, February 27, 1979: US04141825 (49 worldwide citation)

A desalination process system combining electro-dialysis, reverse osmosis and brine concentration with by-product recovery.

Bowie G Keefer: Rotary shaft driven reverse osmosis method and apparatus. September 8, 1981: US04288326 (48 worldwide citation)

Reverse osmosis, particularly for water desalination, uses semipermeable membranes which selectively permeate purified water from a feed solution pressurized by a reciprocating feed pump driven by rotating crankshaft. Pump action is assisted by depressurizing concentrate fluid within the pump cylind ...

Michael David Max: Desalination and concomitant carbon dioxide capture yielding liquid carbon dioxide. Marine Desalination Systems, Pillsbury Winthrop, November 5, 2002: US06475460 (48 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for desalination of salt water (and purification of polluted water) are disclosed. Saline (or otherwise polluted) water is pumped to a desalination installation and down to the base of a desalination fractionation column, where it is mixed with hydrate-forming gas or liquid to ...

Raymond A Tondreau: Combination faucet and air gap. Desalination Systems, Clement H Allen, July 6, 1976: US03967638 (48 worldwide citation)

A combination faucet and antisyphon break or air gap for dispensing purified water produced by a membrane type purification unit, has a body having a valve-controlled passage with a spout for dispensing purified water; and a pair of additional vertical passages, one for connection to the brine outpu ...

Ahmed A ElDifrawi, Christopher F Blazek, Bernard D Yudow: Thermal gradient humidification-dehumidification desalination system. Institute of Gas Technology, Allegretti Newitt Witcoff & McAndrews, December 14, 1982: US04363703 (47 worldwide citation)

A solar energy desalination process utilizing solar radiation directly for the evaporation of salt water is described. Ambient air takes on water vapor as the air passes through an evaporative medium. It is then directed between a saline water-covered, solar absorbing surface and a solar collecting ...

Robert A Uhlinger: Desalination method and apparatus utilizing nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes. Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery, February 20, 2001: US06190556 (46 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and methods for producing potable water from an aqueous feed such as seawater utilizing a pressure vessel designed for operation in the range of about 250 psig to about 350 psig having reverse osmosis (RO) separation elements disposed upstream of at least one nanofiltrate separation elemen ...

Ata M Hassan: Process for desalination of saline water, especially water, having increased product yield and quality. Saline Water Conversion Corporation, Brown Martin Haller & McClain, January 21, 2003: US06508936 (45 worldwide citation)

A desalination process is disclosed which combining two or more substantially different water treatment processes in a unique manner to desalinate saline water, especially sea water, to produce a high yield of high quality fresh water, including potable water, at an energy consumption equivalent to ...

Brent R Constantz, Kasra Farsad, Miguel Fernandez: Desalination methods and systems that include carbonate compound precipitation. Calera Corporation, Bozicevic Field & Francis, June 29, 2010: US07744761 (44 worldwide citation)

Desalination methods that include carbonate compound precipitation are provided. In certain embodiments, feed water is subjected to carbonate compound precipitation conditions prior to desalination. In certain embodiments, desalination waste brine is subjected to carbonate compound precipitation con ...

Lloyd E Williams, Robert K Mays, Joseph E Wagner III: Production of high capacity inorganic crystalline base exchange materials. J M Huber Corporation, Robert L Price, Harold H Flanders, August 9, 1977: US04041135 (44 worldwide citation)

A method is disclosed for producing inorganic crystalline base exchange materials having high total exchange capacities and specific initial exchange rates which yield well-defined residual concentrations for the elements of Group II of the Periodic Table. The method of the invention includes the co ...

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