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A method of forming a tube joint which can be used in a desalination plant includes providing a fluted tube, applying a sealant to the tube end and inserting the tube end into a tube sheet or plate to form a joint therebetween. After insertion, the inner surface of the fluted tube is worked to defor ...

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Methods are disclosed to de-sulfate saline streams such as seawater, brine from seawater desalination plants, and the like. The disclosed methods can also co-produce de-ionized water and inorganic materials from such de-sulfated saline streams.

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Chlorine-resistant semipermeable membranes which comprise an interfacial polymerized reaction product composite on a porous support backing material may be prepared by contacting a porous support material such as polysulfone with an aqueous solution of an aromatic polyamine, said aqueous solution co ...

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The invention relates to desalination of Sea water and of brakish water, and removal of harmful CO

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A process and apparatus for improving the thermal efficiency of a steam turbine power generating plant while simultaneously desalinating seawater or brine and purifying water which contains minerals, salts, and other dissolved solids. Exhaust gases from a power plant is heat exchanged against water ...

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Reverse osmosis, particularly for water desalination, is achieved using semipermeable membranes which selectively permeate purified water from a feed solution pressurized by reciprocating piston or diaphragm pump. Pump action is assisted by returning pressurized concentrate fluid acting on reverse s ...

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High flux semipermeable membranes which comprises the polymerized reaction product within and/or on a porous support backing material may be prepared by contacting the porous support such as a polysulfone with an aqueous solution of a polyamine which may, if so desired, contain a polar aprotic solve ...

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Devices implantable in animal bodies, possibly configured as self-inflating spinal disc prostheses. Alternatively, non-implantable water-desalination and/or purification devices. The devices include specified types of water-absorbing solute encapsulated by non-porous, water-permeable polymer membran ...

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A desalination apparatus including pressure responsive desalination means, a storage tank and conduit means connecting such storage tank to a pump mounted in a caisson defining a resonant chamber having an opening in one side thereof for receiving the incoming ocean waves. The caisson is configured ...

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The present invention relates to an interfacially synthesized reverse osmosis membrane useful for the separation of fluid mixtures and solutions. In particular, the present invention relates to a polyamide water permeable membrane containing a monomeric amine salt therein, which is useful for desali ...