BENDER STEVEN LEE, CASPERSON GERALD FRIES, HU LOWE DANA DAN, JIANG XIN, LI GANG, NORTH MICHAEL AIDAN, WANG JIANYING, WICKMAN GRANT, BRAMS PETER, HUANG HAICHUN, DEVAUX BRIGITTE, CHEN HAIBIN, TANAMACHI DAWN, TOY KRISTOPHER, YANG LAN, SPROUL TIM W, YAMANAKA MARK: [fr] Anticorps Alpha 5 - beta 1 et leurs utilisations, [de] Alpha-5-Beta-1-Antikörper und ihre Verwendungen, [en] Alpha 5 - beta 1 antibodies and their uses. SQUIBB BRISTOL MYERS CO, Pfizer, September 25, 2013: EP2641612-A1

[en] The present disclosure provides isolated monoclonal antibodies, particularly human monoclonal antibodies, or antigen binding portions thereof, that specifically bind to integrin +-51 with high affinity. Nucleic acid molecules encoding the antibodies of the disclosure, expression vectors, host c ...