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[en] 14,440. Grant, L. A. July 13, 1904, [date applied for under Patents Act, 1901]. Curtains, drawing and suspending window blinds. -A fitting for supporting a blind roller and means for suspending curtains comprises an angular rod 16 supported at its ends by brackets 13 screwed to the sides 10 of ...

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A sweeper head for a motorized street sweeper and methods of use are described. The sweeper head includes a primary deflector located near an air outlet and extending to about 3 to 6 inches from the top wall. Pressurized air is forced through the gap formed between the primary deflector and the surf ...




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A fixing arrangement for fitting a blind and a curtain to a window or door comprises a housing 10 for a blind 12, and a curtain rail or track 18 which is integral with or interengageable with the blind housing. This enables both the blind and the curtain rail/track to be fitted to a wall outside the ...