Louis J Baccei: Curable polybutadiene-based resins having improved properties. Loctite Corporation, Jean B Mauro, J Rodney Reck, Daniel A Scola Jr, October 20, 1981: US04295909 (38 worldwide citation)

A polymerizable adhesive and sealant composition comprising a urethane-acrylate-capped prepolymer based on a polybutadiene polyol or polyamine having at least about 70 percent of the butadiene units in the 1,4-configuration. The composition provides improved thermal, impact and cure-through-gap prop ...

Curable polybutadiene-based resins having improved properties. Loctite, November 8, 1978: GB1531351-A (2 worldwide citation)

In order to prepare curable adhesives or sealants, an organic polyisocyanate containing at least one ring is first reacted with a butadiene polymer or copolymer which is substituted by hydroxyl groups or non-tertiary amino groups and in which at least 50% of the butadiene units have the 1,4-configur ...

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