Jay Sorensen: Cup holder. Kolisch Hartwell Dickinson McCormack & Heuser, June 20, 1995: US05425497 (154 worldwide citation)

A cup holder is disclosed in the form of a sheet with distal ends. A web is formed in one of the ends, and a corresponding slot is formed in the other end such that the ends interlock. Thus the cup holder is assembled by rolling the sheet and interlocking the ends. The sheet can be an elongate band ...

Clyde John Sadler: Three in one car cup and holder. Mason Fenwick & Lawrence, August 9, 1977: US04040549 (103 worldwide citation)

A cup and holder assembly including a cover wherein the assembly may be mounted on a surface such as the dashboard of a vehicle to provide the driver or passengers in the vehicle with a drinking cup which may be secured in the holder to prevent spillage of the contents in the cup which may be coffee ...

Norman Simms: Illuminated line of light using point light source. Industrial Devices, Barry R Lipsitz, Ralph F Hoppin, January 7, 1997: US05590945 (101 worldwide citation)

A long, thin illuminated line of light is provided for highlighting components in an automotive dashboard or interior such as a cup holder or gearshift console. A point light source such as a surface mounted LED or incandescent lamp is located at one end of a light guide. An arcuate rear reflecting ...

Daniel Deppen: Magnetic holder for cell phones and the like. Roy A Ekstrand, May 3, 2005: US06888940 (95 worldwide citation)

A magnetic holder for cell phones includes a cup formed of a ferromagnetic material or the like within which a magnet is supported. The rear surface of the cup includes a double-sided adhesive pad to provide attachment of the cup to a vehicle dashboard surface or the like. The cup concentrates the f ...


James A Bouton: Portable tray table. Blum Kaplan, March 22, 1988: US04732274 (85 worldwide citation)

A portable tray table having an upper surface for supporting food, a lower surface and a peripheral edge. A skirt is coupled to the peripheral edge of the panel and extends downwardly therefrom. The panel includes an opening therein wit a cup holder supported on the panel about the opening which ext ...

Jones Alan Richardson: Sample cup holder. Coulter Chemistry, Silverman & Cass, July 29, 1975: US3897216 (77 worldwide citation)

The sample cup holder is formed from a generally rectangular block of non-metallic material and has sample cup receiving pockets therein. Each of the pockets has a generally rectangular cross-section with the long sides of each pocket extending generally transversely of the block. An opaque strip of ...

Robert E Statz, Wayne A Treichel: Cup holder. Nies Webner Kurz & Bergert, August 19, 1986: US04606523 (72 worldwide citation)

A molded plastic cup holder has a hollow generally cylindrical socket for receiving the lower portion of a relatively large drinking cup and a supporting hook adapted to engage over a rail or an automobile door. On the shank of the hook, above the socket, are a pair of forwardly extending springy ar ...

Douglas A Fischer, Joseph S Meinke: Drawer mounted cup holder. Lescoa, Varnum Riddering Schmidt & Howlett, September 4, 1990: US04953771 (67 worldwide citation)

A pivoting cup holder for supporting a beverage container in a vehicle. The cup holder comprises a flat movable drawer which can slide into and out of a retainer set into or below the dashboard or an armrest of an automobile. A semicircular indentation is formed in each side of the drawer. Pivotally ...

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