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A partial oxidation process and system for burning crude oil with just enough oxygen in a gas generator to convert all of the carbon to carbon monoxide to form carbon monoxide and free hydrogen. Water or steam is added and the gas water reaction carried out over an iron base catalyst to produce carb ...

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A system and method are disclosed for wireless two-way communication in a cased borehole having tubing extending therethrough. A downhole communications subsystem is mounted on the tubing. The downhole subsystem includes a downhole antenna for coupling electromagnetic energy in a TEM mode to and/or ...

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Lube base stock oil of low pour point and excellent stability is produced from a waxy crude oil fraction by solvent refining, catalytic dewaxing over a zeolite catalyst in the nature of zeolite ZSM-5 and hydrotreating under specified conditions.

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A three stage centrifuge especially adapted to the separation of oil, water, and solid particles in an emulsion. As an example, the centrifuge may be used to separate sediment and water from a petroleum product such as crude oil. The three stage centrifuge includes a rotatable bowl that spins the em ...

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An improved petroleum distillation process in which methanol is added to the petroleum to be distilled and methanol/hydrocarbon azeotrope is recovered boiling at about 63.degree. C. which can be used as a fuel. The methanol can be derived from natural gas or another fossil fuel source. A methanol cr ...

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The invention relates to a process for recovering heat from deodorized edible oils and stabilizing the same comprising: introducing or injecting non-condensible inert gas into hot deodorized edible oil as the hot deodorized edible oil is cooled by indirectly heat exchanging with crude oil to be deod ...

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Acidic compositions comprising mixtures of hydrochloric, phosphoric, oxalic and citric acids, optionally additionally containing oleic, hydrofluoric or sulfuric acid and methods of preparing the acidic mixtures. Uses for certain mixtures of the acids include treating crude oil, in oil recovery proce ...