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An in situ heat exchange process for heating an organic fluid, which can be, for example, a normally liquid hydrocarbon having from 4 to 10 carbon atoms, in a geothermal reservoir formation penetrated by an injection well and a production well comprising injecting the said fluid into the formation v ...

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Lube base stock oil of low pour point and excellent stability is produced from a waxy crude oil fraction by solvent refining, catalytic dewaxing over a zeolite catalyst in the nature of zeolite ZSM-5 and hydrotreating under specified conditions.

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A pipe for transporting crude oil comprises a layer of polymeric material for containing oil within the bore of the pipe, the polymeric material being surrounded and supported by a reinforcement structure comprising high tensile reinforcement elements which are protected from corrosion by gases pass ...

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A method for recovering fluids such as crude oil, associated solution gas, formation water, injected water, natural gas and other gases, and natural gas liquids, from a hydrocarbon producing reservoir or formation in which fluids collected in one or more substantially horizontal wells are routed to ...

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The present invention is a process for decreasing the acidity of a starting acidic crude oil by contacting an acidic crude with an effective excess of ammonia dissolved in said crude to form an ammonia-continuous oil discontinuous phase at a temperature and conditions sufficient to form the correspo ...

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