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Methods are provided for using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to measure the bulk volume of oil and water in the polyurethane liner of sponge core. The method is accurate, rapid, and non-destructive. It provides information simultaneously in oil composition and viscosity.

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A heavy crude oil is fractionated into at least three liquid fractions which include a distillate fraction boiling in the 400.degree. F.-650.degree. F. range and a 650.degree. F.+ boiling range residuum. The distillate cut is hydrodesulfurized and the residuum is hydrodemetallized. The cuts thus hyd ...

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Tubing which contains crude oil being moved to the surface is surrounded by concentric sections of pipe at various depths along portions of the tubing. Said concentric sections of pipe contain a porous media incorporating an oxidizing catalyst in the annulus between said pipe and the tubing. A fuel ...

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A method for the in situ conversion and recovery of heavy hydrocarbonaceous crude oil containing indigenous trace metal from two adjacent non-communicating hydrocarbon reservoirs which are alternately pressured and recovered which method comprises: (a) heating the heavy hydrocarbonaceous crude oil i ...

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A process for in situ gasification of mineral oil in a subterranean formation comprises running a tool having a controllable thermal device therein from a surface production facility down to the subterranean formation, bringing said tool into operational proximity with the mineral oil in said subter ...

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An oil recovery process is disclosed which uses a particular class of alkylaryl sulfonate surfactants. The surfactants are derived from an alpha-olefin stream having a broad distribution of even carbon numbers ranging from 12 to 58. The olefin stream is reacted with aromatic feedstock, such as benze ...

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Heavy crude oil is recovered from a subterranean formation by a process comprising