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1. Cross-country ski binding, comprising a front fixing means for the pivotal mounting of a ski boot for cross-country skiing, the front fixing means having two pivotally mounted and mutually opposing tensioning means which are intended to be pressed in the use position against corresponding recesse ...

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The disclosure relates to a cross country ski binding having a triple-leaved hinge interconnecting a fixed toeplate and a heelplate detachably connected to the boot heel characterized in that as the boot is bent at the ball of the foot and lifted off the ski carrying with it the heelplate thereby le ...

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A cross country ski binding with a first unit adapted to be fixedly mounted on a boot toe thickness and a second unit adapted to be fixedly mounted on a ski, the two being selectively attachable to provide great forward flexibility and very slight lateral flexibility.

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A cross-country ski binding (1) for cross-country ski shoes (2) which includes a sole front end (9) having a member which complements and engages a member of the binding (1). A pivot axis member (8) extends transversely to the longitudinal direction of the shoe and approximately parallel with the ou ...

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A touring, telemark, or cross-country ski binding, comprising a supporting portion to offer support in forward, upward and side directions to the front part of an associated shoe, especially a front sole portion of the same, on a ski or similar piece of sports equipment, further comprising a retaini ...

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Cross-country ski binding for a shoe or boot having a transverse journal axle includes a latch which is longitudinally and rotationally movable between latching and insertion positions. A biasing element biases the latch in a longitudinal direction towards the latching position and rotationally towa ...

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Le ski comporte, sur la plus grande partie de sa longueur, y compris dans sa zone placée sous las chaussure du skieur, une nervure longitudinale (5, 6) délimitée par une face supérieure et par deux faces latérales inclinées qui raccordent cette face supérieure à deux chants de hauteur réduite. Le ne ...

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A cross-country ski binding, especially a hiking ski binding which includes a toe iron (10) adapted for mounting on a ski top and having cheeks (11) and sole catches (12) for accommodating and supporting the front part of the sole of a ski booth in sideways, forwards and upwards directions. A tensio ...

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Cross country ski binding, of the type comprising an elastic device constituted by a pair of flexion bars extending the length of the ski, in lateral grooves provided therein. According to the invention, there is provided at the rear a shoe control mechanism which is connected to the movable latchin ...

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The cross-country ski binding is provided with two pins (3, 4) which are arranged with their corresponding rigid pin recesses (5, 6) one behind the other in the longitudinal direction of the ski; at least one pin is spring-loaded in a perpendicular direction to the ski by a spring element (2) in the ...