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Electronic systems using separate and distinct conductive layers for power and ground are insulated from one another and a patterned signal conductive layer to form a flexible substrate for mounting a semiconductor die in a semiconductor device assembly of the system. TAB technology is utilized to p ...

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A cotton reinforced, cementitious, hydrated product is made by combining on a dry basis between about 25 and about 75 wt. % Portland cement, between about 1 and about 15 wt. % cotton fiber, between about 3 and about 30 wt. % inorganic filler and preferably between about 10 and about 40 wt. % silica ...

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Oleaginous substances such as vegetable oil, baby oil, olive oil, margarine, lanolin, cocoa butter and the like have their affinity for water altered by mixing the oleaginous substance with sugar and melt spinning the mixture in a cotton candy spinning machine or the equivalent. As so modified the p ...

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A baby-wipe for wiping and cleaning babies. Two inner, water-repellent layers define a hollow interior for the insertion of a hand. Two outer, cotton, absorbing layers are used to wipe a baby clean, with the inner water-repellent layers preventing the user's hand from becoming wet or soiled by waste ...

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A spinner assembly for a cotton candy machine. The spinner assembly includes a tubular wall member having an upright wall provided with slots. A tubular heater element is supported by the heater element in close proximity with the slots. The wall member is of aluminum material. A dielectric anodized ...

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A method is provided for regenerating cotton plants from explant tissue. The improved method allows the generation of embryogenic callus from a cotton tissue explant which is not cultivated on cotton initiation media having exogenous plant hormones. The method can be utilized in the transformation o ...

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A system is provided for continuous intraday final settlement of payment orders among a plurality of financial-institution participants. The system includes a central controlling agent, including a central computer operable to communicate electronically with satellite computer stations of the plural ...

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A process of interconnecting a semiconductor device to a substrate wherein solder balls on the semiconductor device are fused with one side of an embedded noble metal foil within a through hole in an interposer structure. Solder balls on the substrate are fused with the metal foil within the structu ...

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This invention pertains to novel fibers made of α(1→;3) polysaccharides, and a process for their production. The fibers of the invention have “cotton-like” properties but can be produced as continuous filaments on a year-round basis. The fibers are useful in textile applications.

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The present invention provides cotton plants, cotton tissues, and cotton seeds that include the MON15985 event, which confers resistance to Lepidopteran insect damage. Also provided are assays for detecting the presence of the MON15985 event based on the DNA sequence of the recombinant construct ins ...