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A first transparent protection layer is formed on color filters, and micro lenses are further formed on the first transparent protection layer. Then unevenness due to the micro lenses is flattened by a first transparent resin layer which has water repellency and oil repellency (low surface energy), ...

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Spun sugar is collected in rotating collection pans from which it automatically feeds onto a conveyor belt which carries it through a compacting and sizing unit and then through a cutter and separator to provide spaced apart portions of sugar candy. The strands are pulled upwardly from the pans onto ...

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A method for routing data packets correctly and efficiently among a plurality of hosts in a multicast is disclosed. The hosts are connected to a packet switching network comprising a plurality of packet switches interconnected by trunks. A memory associated with the route controller in each switch m ...

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Nucleotide sequences of cotton plant cDNA clones randomly selected are determined. Homology search is performed between the sequences and known gene sequences registered in the data base. Thus a gene, which controls the fiber formation mechanism in cotton plant and which can be used for industrially ...

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The invention relates to insecticidal and acaricidal compositions, containing, as the active ingredient, a combination based on N,N,4-trimethyl-2-(pyrid-3-yl)-thiazole-5-carboxamide (compound A) and on a pyrethroid (compound B) of the formula: ##STR1## in which X represents a hydrogen atom or the cy ...

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The present invention provides a cotton plant event MON 88913 compositions and seed. Also provided are assays for detecting the presence of the cotton plant event MON 88913 based on a DNA sequence and the use of this DNA sequence as a molecular marker in a DNA detection method.

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A melt spinnable carrier agent such as sugar is combined with a cosmetic then converted into fiber form by melt spinning with "cotton candy" fabricating equipment. The as-spun product is converted to compacted individual dosage units. Examples are presented for topical application. All applications ...

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A floss head assembly for making striped cotton candy is provided. The floss head assembly has upper and lower chambers that are adapted to melt two different colors of sugar in order to provide striped cotton candy. A stripe enhancer is provided intermediate the upper and lower chambers and serves ...

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A finger glove that can fit onto a human finger is provided. The finger glove can be used as a substitute for cotton balls, swabs, and/or gauzes, or as an oral cleaning device. The finger glove is at least partially made from an elastomeric material such that the glove can more aptly fit onto a fing ...

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Biocompatible, implantable material comprising flexible, elongate tape and a plurality of elongate elements, each elongate element being aligned along and independently translatable in the longitudinal direction of the tape; implants manufactured from this material, for the partial or total replacem ...