Robert A Lincoln: Nose-worn air filter. Roylance Abrams Berdo & Goodman, January 15, 1991: US04984302 (87 worldwide citation)

A device is disclosed which attaches to the nose and filters the air a person breathes through the nostrils of the nose. The filter element of the device covers the nostrils and base of the nose. Thus, the remainder of the face is uncovered. The device includes the filter element and an adhesive str ...

Michael D Rostoker: Floorplanning technique using multi-partitioning based on a partition cost factor for non-square shaped partitions. LSI Logic Corporation, Katz & Cotton, July 2, 1996: US05532934 (86 worldwide citation)

A technique for integrated circuit floorplanning using irregularly shaped dies (e.g., triangular, elongated rectangular, parallelogram-shaped, etc.) is described whereby the layout of the integrated circuit die is accomplished by partitioning (slicing) the die into progressively smaller groups of mo ...

Alan J Lawrence, John M Cotton, Kenneth J Hamer Hodges, Jeffrey N Denenberg: Distributed control digital switching system. International Telephone and Telegraph, John T O Halloran, Jeffrey P Morris, May 6, 1980: US04201889 (84 worldwide citation)

A distributed control digital switching system is described in which a plurality of subscriber lines and trunks are provided with a switched access to various processing functions shared over a plurality of time shared multiplexed lines. Each processor of a first group of processors is dedicated to ...

John M Cotton, Gary V Pieper: Channel allocation system for distributed digital switching network. IPC Information Systems, Morgan & Finnegan, April 22, 1997: US05623489 (84 worldwide citation)

A channel allocation system for selecting the earliest available switch port and time division multiplexed channel for an outgoing transmission in a network of switch elements interconnected by a series of communications paths. An availability table for maintaining the free/busy state of each channe ...

Worth Cotton Jr, A Reese Hunter: Air filter construction. Industrial Air, March 18, 1980: US04193780 (84 worldwide citation)

A plurality of separate V-shaped wire mesh members are arranged and connected in side-by-side relationship to provide a plurality of V-shaped cells across an air stream. A W-shaped retainer or connector formed of perforated sheet metal has outer, downstream facing trackways which receive side edges ...

Timothy R Cotton: Method and apparatus for secure registration within an in-home wireless network. Motorola, Hugh C Dunlop, November 14, 2000: US06148205 (84 worldwide citation)

A method for secure registration of a access device (400) having a receiver (418) and a transmitter (420) transmitting at an operational RF power level with a base station (200) having a receiver (218) and a transmitter (216) in which the base station reduces its operational RF power level to a regi ...

Nigel J Brassington, John A Gilbert: Silicone gel coated permeable wound dressing. Johnson & Johnson, Joseph J Brindisi, June 13, 1989: US04838253 (83 worldwide citation)

A wound dressing comprises, in one embodiment, a layer of apertured material, such as a cotton gauze, coated with a tacky silicone gel or a non-tacky silicone elastomer. In an alternative embodiment, the dressing has a tacky silicone gel on one surface and a non-tacky silicone elastomer on the other ...

Maliyakal E John: Cotton fiber-specific promoters. Monsanto Company, Timothy K Ball, Dennis R Hoerner Jr, Pharmacia Corporation, August 1, 2000: US06096950 (81 worldwide citation)

An isolated cotton fiber-specific promoter is disclosed. Preferably, this promoter comprises a nucleotide segment comprising at least 2.7 kb of the upstream genomic of a gene of the E6 family, or 1.7 kb of the upstream genomic family of the FbLate family.

Alan J Lawrence, John M Cotton, Jeffrey N Denenberg: Expandable digital switching network. International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation, John T O Halloran, Jeffrey P Morris, May 6, 1980: US04201891 (80 worldwide citation)

A distributed control digital switching network is configured as a group switch having a plurality of stages of multiport single sided switching elements for selectively interconnecting a plurality of input terminals via the transmission paths established through the network by path selection contro ...

Tetsuro Aoki, Shun ichi Naka: Solid state image sensor provided with a transparent resin layer having water repellency and oil repellency and flattening a surface thereof. Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha, David G Conlin, Peter F Corless, December 26, 1995: US05479049 (80 worldwide citation)

A first transparent protection layer is formed on color filters, and micro lenses are further formed on the first transparent protection layer. Then unevenness due to the micro lenses is flattened by a first transparent resin layer which has water repellency and oil repellency (low surface energy), ...

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