Softening compositions. Unilever, October 2, 1974: GB1368599-A (92 worldwide citation)

1368599 Softening textiles UNILEVER Ltd 22 Sept 1971 [29 Sept 1970] 46230/70 Heading DIP [Also in Divisions C3 and C5] Cotton fabrics are softened by treatment with aqueous liquors containing cellulolytic C 1 -C x enzymes. Such enzymes may be mixed with amylases, proteases and lipases. The aqueous l ...

Cellulase enzyme detergent composition. Kao, September 22, 1982: GB2094826-A (92 worldwide citation)

A detergent composition for clothes contains: (a) at least one surfactant selected from anionic surfactants, nonionic surfactants and ampholytic surfactants and (b) bacteria- and/or fungi-derived cellulase having the enzyme activity of at least 100 units for cotton cloths (1 unit is the activity for ...

Lionel D Aldridge, John K Cotton: Dip socket having preloading and antiwicking features. Burroughs Corporation, James E Ledbetter, Kevin R Peterson, August 12, 1980: US04217024 (91 worldwide citation)

A DIP socket having preloading and antiwicking features. Each socket contains a plurality of unitary metallic contacts wherein each contact has; a pair of outwardly bowed tails; an antiwicking stem; a U-shaped body with a pair of retention latches on the outward portions of the arms of the U-shaped ...

Remy Ruppel, Pierre Laurent, Joel Hungler: Absorbent combined sheet matierial. Kaysersberg, Breiner & Breiner, December 22, 1992: US05173351 (91 worldwide citation)

A combined sheet material including at least two absorbent sheets, such as of cellulose-cotton, each having a density of between from 10 to 40 g/m.sup.2. Each of the sheets is separately embossed by calendaring them into a pattern of protuberances distributed in a first pitch along a first direction ...

Christopher A Rowland, Michael G Vergano, Bryan P Eddy, Peter B Cotton: Apparatus for performing diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in the biliary tree. Boston Scientific Corporation, Pearson & Pearson, August 20, 1996: US05547469 (89 worldwide citation)

Catheter apparatus for performing diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in the biliary tree includes a catheter with multiple lumens. A first lumen is adapted to receive a guidewire and can serve as a transport lumen for contrast agent. A second lumen carries a cutting wire for performing a sphincte ...

R Eric Cerny, Can Duong, Jesse L Hart, Scott A Huber, Rachel L Krieb, Jennifer J Listello, Amy B Martens, Bernard Sammons: Cotton event MON 88913 and compositions and methods for detection thereof. Monsanto Technology, Howrey, June 3, 2008: US07381861 (89 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a cotton plant event MON 88913 compositions and seed. Also provided are assays for detecting the presence of the cotton plant event MON 88913 based on a DNA sequence and the use of this DNA sequence as a molecular marker in a DNA detection method.

Mathews Dixie I: Apertured article and protective cover therefor. Clegg Cantrell & Crisman, November 19, 1974: US3848281 (88 worldwide citation)

An apertured article, for example, a toroidal foam rubber cushion suitable for use in an infant's head rest or the like, is protected by a cover which includes four sheets of formable material, for example, a textile such as woven cotton fibers, each having a shape conforming to the cross-sectional ...

Michael D Rostoker: Floorplanning technique using multi-partitioning based on a partition cost factor for non-square shaped partitions. LSI Logic Corporation, Katz & Cotton, July 2, 1996: US05532934 (86 worldwide citation)

A technique for integrated circuit floorplanning using irregularly shaped dies (e.g., triangular, elongated rectangular, parallelogram-shaped, etc.) is described whereby the layout of the integrated circuit die is accomplished by partitioning (slicing) the die into progressively smaller groups of mo ...

Moore Francis C, Perkinson Leon A: Surgical sponge or bandage. Moore Perk Corporation, July 25, 1972: US3678933 (85 worldwide citation)

Layers of thin thermoplastic film are brought into contact with opposite surfaces of superposed layers of absorbent material, such as sheets of fibrous crepe paper of facial quality, rayon fibers, or flexible polyurethane foam. The layers of plastic film are covered with a loosely-woven cotton scrim ...

Alan J Lawrence, John M Cotton, Kenneth J Hamer Hodges, Jeffrey N Denenberg: Distributed control digital switching system. International Telephone and Telegraph, John T O Halloran, Jeffrey P Morris, May 6, 1980: US04201889 (84 worldwide citation)

A distributed control digital switching system is described in which a plurality of subscriber lines and trunks are provided with a switched access to various processing functions shared over a plurality of time shared multiplexed lines. Each processor of a first group of processors is dedicated to ...

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