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This invention constitutes an improvement upon the existing practice of manufacturing reinforced automotive heater hose and the like in a continuous operation which comprises continuously extruding an elastomeric tube, continuously applying to the outer surface of the tube an appropriate reinforcing ...

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Automatic apparatus for continuously coating a tubular or sleeve-shaped reinforcing carcass for a reinforced hose product with a polymeric material by passing the sleeve uniformly through an extruder, is disclosed. A mandrel extends rearwardly from the extruder to the supply station of the sleeve an ...

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The continuous manufacture of reinforced hose is performed by forming an assembly of a tubular reinforcement structure 23 and a tubular lining layer 24 surrounded by but not united with the reinforcement structure. The assembly is fed to separation means, such as a tubular mandrel 10, and cover mate ...


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1345891 Delivering tubular reinforcements to and from extrusion coating dies FABRIC FIRE HOSE CO 3 May 1971 [5 May 1970] 12810/71 Heading B5A [Also in Division B8] In the internal and/or external extrusion coating with plastics or rubber of a tubular fabric reinforcement base 12, the hose 12 is deli ...

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Procédé de fabrication continue de tuyaux à paroi mince, en particulier de tuyaux en matière plastique, avec une armature en spirale relativement forte comparativement à sa paroi, armature qui est amenée par un guidage, après la sortie de celui-ci, à l'âme du tuyau guidée à sa périphérie.


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PURPOSE: To remove and manufacture hoses continuously by spreading TPX resin over the outer periphery of an outer surface rubber layer. and then heating it in a heat transfer medium immediately from its outside and, next, heating and then vulcanizing every semicircle thereof alternately by means of ...