David M DeLorme, Keith A Gray, T Angus Ferguson: Travel reservation information and planning system. DeLorme Publishing Co, Pierce Atwood, Chris A Caseiro, September 7, 1999: US05948040 (1494 worldwide citation)

Computerized travel reservation information and planning system that generates "map ticket" output in various media, for guidance and transactions en route. Such print or electronic documents can include bar or alphanumeric codes for automated recognition and/or access. WHERE?, WHO/WHAT?, WHEN? and ...

David M DeLorme, Keith A Gray: Computer aided routing system. DeLorme Publishing Company, Daniel H Kane Jr, Chris A Caseiro, Thomas L Bohan, September 24, 1996: US05559707 (455 worldwide citation)

A computer aided routing system (CARS) determines a travel route between a user selected travel origin and travel destination following user selected waypoints along the way. A CARS database incorporates travel information selected from a range of multimedia sources about the transportation routes, ...

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