R Edward Burton: Organic waste recycling system and method. Advanced Bio Gest, Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, August 31, 1993: US05240611 (19 worldwide citation)

System and method for converting and recycling liquid-borne organic waste materials from a processing plant. The waste material is passed through a compost bed containing a fecal material which processes the organic waste biologically, removes liquid from the waste by adsorption and absorption, and ...

Davidson Jr William, Kauffman Charles H: Converting municipal refuse into compost. Kauffman Charles H, Rook Harry B, July 29, 1975: US3897215 (19 worldwide citation)

Municipal refuse including glass articles, metal cans, paper, plastics and wood, is dumped onto a conveyor and has magnetic materials removed therefrom and the remaining refuse conveyed to a hammermill which reduces the refuse into small particles which are conveyed by positive air pressure to the u ...

William M Bell, David A Del Porto: Integrated solar heated resource transformation system. Edward J Collins, November 13, 1979: US04174371 (19 worldwide citation)

A system providing for the temperature and humidity controlled aerobic composting of organic materials is described. The system includes at least one composting chamber, at least one thermal mass, ducts for conveying air from the vicinity of the thermal mass to a composting chamber, at least one sol ...

Jurgen Kanitz, Bruno Kesselring: Device and process for composting and wet fermentation of biological waste. Beg Bioenergie, Herbert Dubno, July 21, 1998: US05782950 (19 worldwide citation)

Biological waste is squeezed out while being at the same time mixed and homogenized, after which the solid materials freed of liquid are delivered to a composting installation and the liquid fraction is directed to an anaerobic reactor for wet fermentation. Thereby shorter composting and fermentatio ...

Stuart P Suskind: Compostable packaging for containment of liquids. Leonard Pearlstein, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner, October 17, 1995: US05458933 (18 worldwide citation)

A compostable paperboard container and package for liquids which is coated with a material capable of degrading to carbon dioxide, water and biomass under composting conditions.

Steven B Mullerheim, Fred G Williams: Wastewater treatment with ultraviolet disinfection and increased capacity. Great Circle Associates, Owen Wickersham & Erickson, October 21, 1980: US04229202 (18 worldwide citation)

A method and an apparatus for treating wastewater such as sewage are disclosed. Designed principally for complete on-site wastewater treatment and disposal, the system separates wastewater into liquid wastes and solid wastes by filtration, treats the liquid wastes with ultraviolet radiation and disp ...

George Valkanas, Apostolos G Vlyssides: Industrial utilization of garbage with effective recycling and with optimization in energy production. Innoval Management, Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, January 2, 2001: US06168642 (18 worldwide citation)

A recycling process for garbage containing a high proportion of paper where printed paper is first separated from the garbage. The garbage is then into pieces and light and heavy components are separated out in a classification tank. The remaining organic mass suspended in water is hydrolyzed and su ...

Eugene Jenison, Andrew Jenison: Cultivator for high efficiency windrow disintegration and aeration, row forming, and the like. McCaleb Lucas & Brugman, November 23, 1982: US04360065 (18 worldwide citation)

A cultivator adapted to straddle a windrow of material such as compost. A frame has an improved disintegrator and aerator comprising a horizontal drum crosswise of the windrow with a plurality of cultivator blades disposed in two helical arrays between opposite ends of the drum, the arrays being cir ...

Vladimir A Novy, Ross C Caballero: Composting system utilizing air recirculation. County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County, Robbins Dalgarn Berliner & Carson, September 8, 1992: US05145581 (18 worldwide citation)

An in-vessel composting system wherein the exhaust gas from aerated compost feed material is pretreated by scrubbers and then by a chiller/condenser. A small portion of this cool, relatively dry, ammonia-free gas is passed through an activated carbon column and discharged to the atmosphere. The rema ...

Richard N Young, Thomas J Irwin II: Methods and apparatuses for rapid composting with closed air loop circulation for positive control. DBS Manufacturing, Needle & Rosenberg P C, January 7, 1997: US05591635 (17 worldwide citation)

A reaction vessel for biologically decomposing a material comprises a frame, an airtight housing rotatably mounted on the frame defining an enclosure therein, and a device for controlling environmental conditions within the enclosure so that biological decomposition of the material can occur at a co ...

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