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The invention relates to a method of recycling contaminated soil so as to form a balanced non-contaminated soil with an increased water-holding capability. More particularly the invention combines two waste products, namely hydrocarbon-affected soil and activated sewage sludge, in order to create a ...

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A process for converting composted organic material produced by optimized composting procedures into pure organic fertilizer for agronomic and other uses, particularly the expanding organic food market. It is essential that only organic wastes that are compatible with being certified organic are use ...

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The present invention provides a method and apparatus with improved fluid flow control for economical and efficient composting. The improved fluid flow control is provided by a lance having at least two separate fluid flow zones to provide a fluid flow profile in the compost. The flow zones are prov ...

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An apparatus for the composting of fermentable organic refuse includes a rotating digester tube with a feed auger continuously providing refuse to the tube and a number of discharge outlets at the distal end of the tube. A number of agitating vanes extend along substantially the entire length of the ...

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A system providing for the temperature and humidity controlled aerobic composting of organic materials is described. The system includes at least one composting chamber, at least one thermal mass, ducts for conveying air from the vicinity of the thermal mass to a composting chamber, at least one sol ...

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The compost processing machine described is in the form of a wheeled main frame with receiving side panels at the front end and stacking gates at the rear end for traversing and processing compost into stacks. Mounted within the main frame is a pronged pick-up drum which lifts the compost and throws ...

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A biological toilet and an organic material recycling method in which human liquid and solid waste (i.e., excrement) and cellulosic material and, optionally, kitchen waste (i.e., food and paper scraps and the like kitchen garbage) are deposited into a receptacle and carried by pressure differential ...

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The invention is a method for composting sludge to a useable state. The method of the system eliminates the usual objectionable odors. The method consists of a thorough mixing of the sludge with carbonaceous material, layering the mixture in a silo and moving it through the silo on a timed interval ...

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A compostable paperboard container and package for liquids which is coated with a material capable of degrading to carbon dioxide, water and biomass under composting conditions.

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The invention includes a method and apparatus for composting organic material and maintaining composting conditions within preselected limits. Composting according to the method can occur within a sealable container. Adjusting the composition of the organic material to within preselected limits conv ...