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A compostable paperboard container and package for liquids is coated with a polymeric material capable of degrading under composting conditions and subsequently in the presence of light to form carbon dioxide, water, and biomass.

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A method for converting municipal solid waste and sewage sludge into an organic fertilizer has a Stage 1 and a Stage 2, and includes a vessel that has three climate zones. Stage 1 has three climate zones, wherein the first climate zone contains thermophilic microorganisms, the second climate zone co ...

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A device for the rapid machine composting of sewage sludge including a rotary drum and having a feeding device extending longitudinally of the drum for feeding material to be composted into the drum. Air, heat and moisture are supplied to and discharged from the sludge compost and the composted mate ...

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The present invention relates to an agricultural mulch made from a fibrous cellulosic web having a certain breaking length and which had been surface-coated with a latex coating to improve wet strength and handling properties. The material of the present invention, once formed, is particularly suita ...

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A method of and apparatus for quickly composting organic material which involves the use of a flexible bag having a plurality of perforations through the body portion of the bag and a composting tablet having a water soluble binder in which is retained a large number of natural micro-organisms, the ...

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A high rate reactor for the treatment of biosludge has been designed which combines the processes of landfarming, sand bed dewatering, and forced aeration composting. The reactor is essentially a sand bed overlying a drainage system housed in an inflatable, pressurized building.

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Apparatus and method for performing sequential batch anaerobic composting on high solids content wastes are provided, wherein a plurality of longitudinally extending trenches in the ground are employed as waste-holding receptacles, each of the trenches being provided with a cover having a peripheral ...

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A rectangular or square container, made of a heat insulating material such as wood, for converting organic wastes into compost is mounted for rotation about a supported perforated pipe extending axially through the container. A water-holding manifold is connected via a conduit to the perforated pipe ...

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A process for converting composted organic material produced by optimized composting procedures into pure organic fertilizer for agronomic and other uses, particularly the expanding organic food market. It is essential that only organic wastes that are compatible with being certified organic are use ...