Pai Chuan Wu, Thomas R Ryle, Leopoldo V Cancio: Compostable polymeric composite sheet and method of making or composting same. Clopay Corporation, Wood Herron & Evans, March 23, 1993: US05196247 (33 worldwide citation)

Compostable polymeric sheets of biodegradable or environmentally degradable polymers are disclosed. These composite sheets may be made by extrusion and are compostable in municipal solid waste treatment facilities.

Toto Louis R: Scoop means and arrangements thereof for vehicular composting machine. DePaoli & O Brien, May 6, 1975: US3881707 (33 worldwide citation)

For use in a vehicular composting machine, an improved scoop means, having a pressure means and a dewatering means, is provided for selectively densifying and dewatering the clumps which are liftingly detached from an upstanding endwise wall of a compacted rick, whereby compaction of the detached cl ...

Quent Augspurger, Charles H Bartlett: Composting apparatus. Augspurger Engineering, Gregory J Nelson, April 5, 1994: US05300438 (31 worldwide citation)

A composting apparatus and method utilizing a vessel for receiving organic material which is rotatably supported. In a preferred embodiment, the vessel has a corrugated body to move and agitate the material. In another embodiment, the vessel is fabricated from large containers, such as refuse contai ...

William F Brinton Jr: Biodegradable bags and processes for making such biodegradable bags. Frederick R Cantor Esq, October 21, 1997: US05679421 (31 worldwide citation)

Biodegradable bags can be formed out of two-ply sheet materials that include an outer ply of kraft paper and an inner ply of biodegradable thermoplastic material. The two-ply sheets are formed and connected together with the use of biodegradable adhesives that do not constitute barriers to biodegrad ...

Marcus David Shelby, Andrew Joseph Matosky, Candace Michele Tanner, Michael Eugene Donelson: Blends of aliphatic-aromatic copolyesters with ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers. Eastman Chemical Company, Eric D Middlemas, Louis N Moreno, Bernard J Graves Jr, July 10, 2007: US07241838 (29 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are blends of aliphatic-aromatic copolyesters with poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) copolymers and shaped articles prepared therefrom. These blends have higher melt strength than the aliphatic-aromatic copolyester alone and exhibit increased melt strength and better processability. In addit ...

Francis G Gallagher, Cathy J Hamilton, Steven M Hansen, Hyunkook Shin, Raymond F Tietz: Polyesters and their use in compostable products such as disposable diapers. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Company, December 15, 1992: US05171309 (29 worldwide citation)

The invention provides novel polyesters, fibers and films, nonwovens from the fibers and disposable products of the polyesters such as diapers. The products are degradable under the conditions typically existing in waste composting processes, have low ingredient costs and yet provide strength and to ...

Herbert Nemetz: Method and apparatus for aerobic decomposition or drying of organic waste material. W G Fasse, D H Kane Jr, March 13, 1984: US04436817 (29 worldwide citation)

A process for aerobic composting or drying of organic waste materials in a composting bin and apparatus for carrying out the process. The composting bin is formed by one or more elongate composting passageway chambers which can be aerated or vented and heated. Each chamber encloses in sequence an in ...

Kenneth E Grube, Vincent E Harrington, James V Harrington: System for the separation of fragmented solid waste. Brumbaugh Graves Donohue & Raymond, March 21, 1978: US04079837 (28 worldwide citation)

A method for the separation of components of solid waste which has been treated by thermal explosive decompression followed by biodegradation (also hereinafter referred to as composting) is presented. The explosive decompression and composting pretreatment before separation presents a granular and i ...

Harold R Meier: Composting method and apparatus. Judd Ringer Corporation, Frederick E Lange, January 27, 1976: US03934999 (26 worldwide citation)

A method of and apparatus for quickly composting organic material which involves the use of a flexible bag having a plurality of perforations through the body portion of the bag and a composting tablet having a water soluble binder in which is retained a large number of natural micro-organisms, the ...

Waldenville David B: Composting apparatus. Waste Treat, November 5, 1974: US3845939 (26 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for controlled compost processing of waste materials to provide rapid and complete reduction to compost material. The apparatus consists of a ground-supported enclosure which includes slidecovered access openings; the enclosure further including a longitudinally arrayed, rotatable agita ...

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