Willis R Lebo: Method and apparatus for treating liquid sewage and waste. Seed Berry Vernon & Baynham, June 1, 1976: US03960718 (41 worldwide citation)

Liquid sewage and waste, such as manure and/or sewage sludge, are treated to destroy pathogenic bacteria and remove offensive odors to make the material usable as a plant nutrient and soil conditioner. The liquid sewage is thoroughly aerated within a cone-shaped, pressurized vessel by injection of a ...

Francis G Gallagher, Cathy J Hamilton, Raymond F Tietz: Novel polyesters and their use in compostable products such as disposable diapers. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Company, March 17, 1992: US05097004 (41 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a novel polyesters, fibers and films, nonwovens from the fibers and disposable products of the polyesters such as diapers. The products are degradable under the conditions typically existing in waste composting processes, have low ingredient costs and yet provide strength and ...

Charles M Murray, Joel L Thompson, Lawrence H Hentz Jr: Methods of and apparatus for removing odors from process airstreams. Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Millen White & Zelano, November 3, 1992: US05160707 (40 worldwide citation)

After aerating sewage sludge in a composting process, a stream of process air is treated to remove odors therefrom by injecting into the airstream an atomized mixture of dilute sulfuric acid and dilute surfactant to remove ammonia and odorous organic compounds therefrom. The airstream is then oxidiz ...

Joseph A Pinckard, Paul E Gill: Process for bioremediation of soils. William S Ramsey, March 31, 1992: US05100455 (39 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to the protection of the environment, particularly the soil and ground water, by biological degradation of unwanted chemical and biological entities often finding their way into soils. The process of the present invention utilizes the well known methods of the art of co ...

Fisk Pliny: Process for separating and converting waste into useable products. Davis Hoxie Faithfull & Hopgood, November 12, 1974: US3847803 (39 worldwide citation)

A process for recycling raw sewage and unsorted solid waste by adding the solids removed from sewage to ground unsorted waste forming a sludge, treating the sludge first anerobically, sterilizing the anaerobically treated sludge, forming the sludge into a slurry, separating the biodegradeable from t ...

Richard M Ryan: Method for accelerating composting of organic matter and composting reactor therefor. Frost & Jacobs, January 17, 1989: US04798802 (37 worldwide citation)

A plug-flow composting reactor including a longitudinal hollow chamber having a floor, a pair of oppositely disposed side walls, and a top wall. The reactor preferably includes an entrance structure and an exit structure mounted at opposite ends of the hollow chamber to thereby substantially close t ...

Blough Ronald S, Jones Robert D: Apparatus for liquid composting. Fairfield Engineering and Manufacturing Co, December 11, 1973: US3778233 (37 worldwide citation)

The apparatus generally comprises an elongated hollow shaft having a propeller secured to its lower end and driven at its upper end by a motor mounted on a swingable frame. Air may enter the upper end of the shaft and may exit adjacent the propeller. Rotation of the shaft and propeller thus induces ...

Pai Chuan Wu, Thomas R Ryle, Leopoldo V Cancio: Compostable polymeric composite sheet and method of making or composting same. Clopay Corporation, Wood Herron & Evans, March 23, 1993: US05196247 (36 worldwide citation)

Compostable polymeric sheets of biodegradable or environmentally degradable polymers are disclosed. These composite sheets may be made by extrusion and are compostable in municipal solid waste treatment facilities.

Ulf Reinhall: Compaction apparatus for use with lawn grooming equipment. Eric Y Munson, April 12, 1983: US04379385 (36 worldwide citation)

A compaction apparatus for use with lawn grooming equipment such as a lawn mower, leaf blower and the like, including a compactor housing having an inlet opening at one end to receive the refuse material picked up from the lawn and a screw conveyor rotatably mounted within the housing to transport a ...

Peter Hood: Treatment of waste. Refuse Derived Fuels, Ladas Parry Von Gehr Goldsmith & Deschamps, May 20, 1980: US04203376 (35 worldwide citation)

A method for the production of heat comprises composting solid organic waste, preferably in admixture with sewage sludge, and burning the composted waste, for example in a kiln for calcining an inorganic calcinable material. The composted waste preferably has a water content of less than 20% by weig ...

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