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A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product for generating risk scores for specific risk cohorts. Digital sensor data associated with a specific risk cohort is received from a set of multimodal sensors. The specific risk cohort includes a set of identified cohort members. ...

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Methods for delivery of multicast packets in a wireless communication system are disclosed. The methods comprise transmitting a contention free period initiation signal from an access point to the station, transmitting broadcast packets from the access point to the station, transmitting multicast pa ...

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A method and system for wireless data transmission between at least three stations use multiple frequency bands for simultaneous channel communications. The method includes transmitting a Request To Send (RTS) packet from a first station to an intermediate second station over a first frequency band. ...

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A method for transmitting beacon transmissions in a wireless local area network (WLAN) communications system (100) operating on one or more channels includes transmitting a first beacon (C1) using a directional antenna in a first direction (D1) on a first channel. A second beacon (C2) is then transm ...

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An asymmetrical data communications system (ADCS) provides point-to-multipoint television programming including conventional television programming, near video-on-demand (NVoD) or video-on-demand (VoD), and the full variety of available programming, via a compressed, digitized UHF transmission. A pr ...

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A system and method is provided for recycling raw materials from a plurality waste streams generated by waste stream providers and includes a waste stream monitoring module for monitoring the plurality of waste streams and determining an amount of reusable raw materials contained in each of the plur ...

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A system and method of a storage expansion unit for a network attached storage device. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are storage expander systems comprising an enclosure, a communications port (the communication port configured to configured to operate under a communications protocol ...

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An application gateway enables controlled communication between application components within a browser based environment while maintaining a level of isolation of the individual application components. A dispatching API wrapper and a listening API wrapper are registered for each of a plurality of a ...

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A method of adapting pilot signal transmission power of a plurality of base stations operable to provide coverage in a wireless communications network, a network controller and computer program product operable to perform that method. The method comprises the steps of: monitoring an indication of da ...

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Methods, computer program products, and apparatuses are provided for allowing a user to communicate with a set top box and a media content server through a mobile communication device, such as a cellular phone. The user may be able to request and receive a customer specific interactive programming g ...