Randy Ekl
Marc Cassidy, Daniel J McDonald, Randy L Ekl: Method of registration in a communication system. Motorola, Susan L Lukasik, September 12, 2000: US06119017 (38 worldwide citation)

A method of registration in a communication system includes the steps of detecting (201) an elevated registration level of at least a part of a communication system, selecting (203) a group recovery time, determining (205) a first random registration time that is less than or equal to the group reco ...


Randy Ekl
Randy L Ekl, Ron Rotstein: Method for acknowledging messages in a communication system. Motorola, Terri S Hughes, Indira Saladi, May 24, 2005: US06898414 (7 worldwide citation)

At a first device (102 or 104), a message is received and processed. If the message is processed during a first time period, the first device transmits an acknowledgement message during a second time period; otherwise the first device transmits the acknowledgment message during a third time period. ...

Randy Ekl
Robert D LoGalbo, Randy L Ekl, Ron Rotstein, Christopher G Ware: Methods for delivery in a wireless communications network. Motorola, Randi L Karpinia, Indira Saladi, August 5, 2008: US07408931 (6 worldwide citation)

Methods for delivery of multicast packets in a wireless communication system are disclosed. The methods comprise transmitting a contention free period initiation signal from an access point to the station, transmitting broadcast packets from the access point to the station, transmitting multicast pa ...

Randy Ekl
Randy L Ekl, George Popovich, Shmuel Silverman, Robert D LoGalbo: Method for performing a seamless handoff in a communication system. Motorola, Terri S Hughes, Indira Saladi, June 6, 2006: US07058030 (5 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a method for performing handoff in a communication system of access points and a mobile station, where the mobile station is associated with a first access point. The first access point receives a first transmission at a first signal quality from the mobile station and receives a second ...

Randy Ekl
Sewim Fewsi Ablay, Randy L Ekl, Robert J Novorita: Provision of distributed call handling over a plurality of network nodes. Motorola, Susan L Lukasik, October 19, 1999: US05970416 (2 worldwide citation)

The following describes an apparatus for and method of providing and supporting distributed call handling over a plurality of network nodes (401, 403, 405, 407, 409, 411, 413) in a communication system, wherein the network nodes (401, 403, 405, 407, 409, 411, 413) are found in each device with the s ...

Randy Ekl
Mark P Zollner, Randy L Ekl: Optimized dynamic system restart sequence for a wide area communication system. Motorola, Steven R Santema, Indira Saladi, March 27, 2007: US07197552 (2 worldwide citation)

Methods for determining a optimized restart sequence for sites, communication devices and/or zones are disclosed. A rule based criteria is determined for prioritizing sites (102) is determined by a zone controller (126), in one embodiment, by downloading from a network manager (128). Based on the cr ...

Marc Lanoiselee
JAHAN BRUNO, LANOISELEE MARC: Frame synchronisation in an OFDM communication system, Synchronisationsraster in einem OFDM-Kommunikationssystem, Synchronisation trame dans un systeme de communication ofdm. France Telecom, April 25, 2012: EP2445156-A2

Le récepteur traite un signal OFDM qui a été construit par trames successives en incorporant des symboles pilotes répartis en temps et en fréquence parmi un ensemble de symboles à transmettre. Chaque trame comporte plusieurs blocs de signal successifs, les symboles pilotes ayant une phase modulée d' ...

Ramandeep Ahuja
Ramandeep Ahuja, David P Gurney: System and method for maintaining a backup radio operating parameter list in a secondary use communication system. Motorola, Motorola, September 23, 2010: US20100238798-A1

A radio communication system (100) provides a radio air interface at a master node (102) for subscriber units associated with the master node. Among the subscriber units are several slave nodes (104, 106). The communication system has the ability to operate as a secondary user in unused spectrum por ...

Ramandeep Ahuja
Ramandeep Ahuja, James A Marocchi, Trent J Miller, Deborah J Monks: Method and apparatus for ensuring access in a communication system for a plurality of groups. Motorola, June 23, 2011: US20110149875-A1

A method and apparatus for bandwidth brokering in a communication system (100) defines groups (212) and a bandwidth allocation for each group at a given base station (202). Each group has a guaranteed bandwidth (116). Each group may exceed its guaranteed bandwidth (118) by using additional bandwidth ...