Jack Hao
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A mobile communication device receives information associated with multiple home devices, and generates, based on the home device information, a connected home dashboard that includes a home device item, a modes item, a monitoring item, a security item, and a notifications item. The mobile communica ...

Jack Hao
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A system may include a load balancer that includes a receiver configured to receive a first notification of voicemail message information associated with a voicemail mailbox. The system may also include a group of servers and each of the group of servers may include a receiver and a transmitter. The ...

Jack Hao
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Methods, computer program products, and apparatuses are provided for allowing a user to communicate with a set top box and a media content server through a mobile communication device, such as a cellular phone. The user may be able to request and receive a customer specific interactive programming g ...

Elias Nemer
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Methods, systems, and apparatuses are described for performing speaker-identification-assisted speech processing in an uplink path of a communication device. In accordance with certain embodiments, a communication device includes speaker identification (SID) logic that is configured to identify the ...

Jens Nagel
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Systems and processes are provided for transforming a style of a message. A processor is configured to facilitate determining a message (111) to be transmitted. Further, the message processor can facilitate selecting one or more styles responsive to a determination of a context (113) associated with ...

Jens Nagel
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A wireless communication device (300) having a settable service state includes a sensor fusion module (306) to provide context data to the wireless communication device (300). The wireless communication device also receives a context parameter. In a method (800) according to a preferred embodiment o ...

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A portable communication device includes a display and a processor coupled to the display. The processor is configured to automatically and repeatedly present an updated account usage metric for an account associated with usage of the portable communication device. In some embodiments, the presented ...

Steven Jobs
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A method includes displaying a first tray and a second tray in a display of the portable communications device. The first tray is configured to display one of more characters that were selected by a user using a click wheel. The second tray includes a first plurality of icons that correspond to a se ...

Steven Jobs
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A method of using a portable communications device includes displaying a first image of a rotary dial in a display of the portable communications device in response to a first contact by a user with a click wheel. The first image of the rotary dial includes a plurality of icons arranged proximate to ...

Steven Jobs
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Improved approaches for assisting a user interacting with a portable wireless communication device are disclosed. The improved approaches can provide a user interface for the portable wireless communication device that includes including a plurality of linked display screens and a plurality of physi ...