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An in-mold coating composition is disclosed which includes (a) an isocyanate-terminated material containing an excess of reactive isocyanate groups and (b) a material selected from the group consisting of a composition containing reactive hydrogen atoms, generally hydroxyl groups, and a catalyst cap ...

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Surfactant-free emulsion coating compositions of superior film-forming properties are produced by a two-stage method comprising, in a first stage, forming a mixture of polymerizable monomers comprises of defined proportions of a carboxylic acid monomer, such as acrylic acid, and a C.sub.1 -C.sub.8 a ...

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A strippable coating composition is shown for use as a temporary protective coating on a variety of substrates. The composition includes a water based polymeric emulsion which is dispersed in an aqueous carrier to form a stable emulsion. Release aids are incorporated in the composition which allow t ...

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The invention relates to antireflective coatings and to a process for depositing the antireflective coatings on solar collector cover plates, optical elements such as lenses and windows in high-energy visible and near-IR lenses and on other glass or metal or metal-alloy or single crystal surfaces, i ...

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An aqueous coating composition for forming a magnetic tape which has good adhesion for polyethylene terephthalate substrate. The composition is a stable dispersion in water of urethane with carboxylic acid groups in the backbone chain and includes a polyfunctional cross-linking agent.

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An aqueous acidic composition provides improved corrosion resistance to a metal, e.g., ferrous, zinc or aluminum surface upon contact. The composition contains dissolved hafnium and/or zirconium, fluoride, preferably a vegetable tannin compound, and optionally phosphate ions.

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This invention relates to a coating composition for precoated steel sheets which are required to have high hardness, high workability and high distinctness of image, and to a method for producing a precoated steel sheet having a coating film of the composition. The composition is prepared by adding ...

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Disclosed are edible film coating compositions of low moisture permeability and their methods of preparation. The compositions comprise cross-linked, refined shellac and preferably an edible member having a reactive hydroxyl or acid moiety selected from the group consisting of edible sources of poly ...