Scott A Crawford, Douglas P Lynch, Carla Mann Woods: Speech processor headpiece. Advanced Bionics, Henricks Slavin & Holmes, June 6, 2017: US09674620

A cochlear implant system includes: an electrode array implanted within a cochlea; an internal processor in communication with the electrode array; an implanted antenna which is electrically coupled to the internal processor; and a modular external headpiece which is removably positioned over the im ...

Martin B Wolk, Michael J Sykora, Robert L Brott, William J Bryan, Erik A Aho, Martin Kristoffersen, Michael A Meis, Kevin R Schaffer, Audrey A Sherman, John C Schultz, Mieczyslaw H Mazurek: Optical article having viscoelastic layer. 3M INNOVATIVE PROPERTIES COMPANY, Clifton F Richardson, June 20, 2017: US09684120

An optical article, such as a backlight for electronic display devices, is disclosed. The optical article includes a lightguide, a viscoelastic layer disposed on the light guide and a nanovoided polymeric layer disposed on the viscoelastic layer. The nanovoided polymeric layer comprises a plurality ...

Hsi Ming Cheng, R Neal Post, Christopher Hardy: Method of making mesh containers with a rail and mesh container formed therefrom. Design Ideas, Saidman DesignLaw Group, June 27, 2017: US09687074

The present invention is directed to a method of forming a container comprising forming a basket portion of metal mesh material and a rail connected to the basket portion. The rail extends substantially outwardly from the outer surface of the basket portion and the rail extends continuously around t ...

Marco O Mascorro Medina, Zhengqin Fan, Thavidu Ranatunga, Daniel T Barry, Utkarsh Sinha, Sivapriya Kaza, Varun Krishna: Customer service robot and related systems and methods. FELLOW, Hayes Soloway P C, October 24, 2017: US09796093

A robot for providing customer service within a facility includes a locomotion platform, an upper sensor for detecting objects within an upper field of view of the robot, a lower sensor for detecting objects within a lower field of view of the robot, a display and a robot computer in communication w ...

Spencer A Rathus, Jeffrey S Nevid: Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a plurality of electronic tags. Olivo Law Group P C, John W Olivo Jr, April 18, 2017: US09626697

The disclosed methods and apparatus relate generally to the use of electronic devices to interact with electronic tags associated with objects, services, places, people, or animals (“objects”) in order to access programming material related to these objects. The invention discloses the input of keyw ...

Brian William Higgins: System and method for communicating information. June 6, 2017: US09672535

A system and method for effectively communicating information using at least one mode of communication is described, in which information recipients proximate to a communications device within a pre-determined space and during a pre-determined time period are identified, from whom physiological stat ...

Max Abecassis, Ivars Blodnieks: Integration of multiple synchronization methodologies. March 14, 2017: US09596502

A method comprising the steps of: generating an acoustic fingerprint that is responsive to a playing of a movie; searching, responsive to the acoustic fingerprint, an acoustic database; generating a dialogue fingerprint that is responsive to the playing of the movie; searching, responsive to the dia ...


Susan McBride, Stephen Mitchell: Virtual world electronic game. MGA ENTERTAINMENT, Intellectual Property Law Offices of Joel Voelzke APC, June 13, 2017: US09675881

An electronic game for playing on a portable handheld game unit and on-line includes a dynamic animated virtual character that can be customized and updated both visually and functionally through game play and that can translate from a two dimensional visual presentation on a game unit to a higher o ...


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