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This is directed to a personalized avatar providing a true representation of the user's body, such that the avatar provides a substantially accurate graphical representation of the user's body. The avatar can be defined using any suitable approach, including by providing measurements of the user's b ...

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Exemplary embodiments will provide an apparatus for restraining a portion of a distal portion of a neck-worn clothing accessory, such as a neck tie, scarf, or other such clothing accessory, by connecting a rear, or underneath, portion of the clothing accessory to an underlying garment. Exemplary emb ...

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Systems and methods described herein are for transmitting a command to a remote system. A processing system determines the identity of the user based on the unique identifier and the biometric information. Thereafter, a sensor detects a gesture performed by the user. The sensor is configured to dete ...

Cure (course of treatment) kit, particularly for individuals following a cure (course of treatment) at a spa. Renaux Marie Therese, July 6, 1990: FR2641170-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

The cure (course of treatment) kit is noteworthy in that it includes, on the inside, on its lateral sides, flanging elements or loops 5 capable of holding containers or receptacles 6 and on its longitudinal sides, flexible walls 7 defining inner chambers 7.1 for storing, on the one hand, clothing ac ...

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The present invention relates to a foldable solar protection device comprising several articulated elements, characterized by the fact that the articulated elements are stacked panels (1) connected by a single pivot (4) adjacent one (6) of their ends for deployment by a circular movement and by the ...

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A cochlear implant system includes: an electrode array implanted within a cochlea; an internal processor in communication with the electrode array; an implanted antenna which is electrically coupled to the internal processor; and a modular external headpiece which is removably positioned over the im ...

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A method comprising the steps of: generating an acoustic fingerprint that is responsive to a playing of a movie; searching, responsive to the acoustic fingerprint, an acoustic database; generating a dialogue fingerprint that is responsive to the playing of the movie; searching, responsive to the dia ...

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A multi-instance, multi-user animation platform includes a plurality of modeled parallel dimensions in a computer memory. Each of the parallel dimensions may be an independent model of a physical, three-dimensional space having corresponding features such that the parallel dimensions are recognizabl ...

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This disclosure relates to detergent compositions containing pyridinol-N-oxide compounds and being substantially free of bleach. Methods for treating a stained fabric using such detergent compositions are also disclosed.

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An approach to noninvasively and remotely detect the presence, location, and/or quantity of a target substance in a scene via a spectral imaging system comprising a spectral filter array and image capture array. For a chosen target substance, a spectral filter array is provided that is sensitive to ...