Weill André, Deflin Emmanuel, Athimon Pillard Bénédicte, Bonfiglio Jacques, Tendron Frédéric, Remy Michel, Lafarge Yves: (Fr) Equipement electronique portable, (En) Portable electronic equipment. France Telecom, Weill André, Deflin Emmanuel, Athimon Pillard Bénédicte, Bonfiglio Jacques, Tendron Frédéric, Remy Michel, Lafarge Yves, LEMOYNE Didier, June 27, 2002: WO/2002/049465 (1 worldwide citation)

(EN) The invention concerns an electronic equipment consisting of a plurality of elementary functional components, said portable electronic equipment comprising: at least a clothing article (1) provided with a network of transmission lines integrated in the textile material constituting said clothin ...

Manuello Gerald: Dispositif de fermeture magnétique pour accessoires vestimentaires (FR), Magnetic clasp device for clothing accessories (EN). Manuello Gerald, Cabinet Germain & Maureau, April 28, 2011: WO/2011/048344 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a device for magnetic clasping at a plurality of points for a clothing accessory such as a belt, characterised in that said device includes at least one permanently magnetised assembly (13) arranged at one end of one surface of the accessory, while a plurality of ferromagnet ...

Audrey A Sherman, Marie A Boulos, Kevin R Schaffer, Michael A Meis, Thu Van T Tran, Ellen O Aeling, Soemantri Widagdo: Retroreflective articles and devices having viscoelastic lightguide. 3M INNOVATIVE PROPERTIES COMPANY, Daniel J Iden, January 24, 2017: US09551475

Disclosed herein is an optical device having a light source, a viscoelastic lightguide and a retroreflective film suitable for retroreflecting light. Light from the light source enters the viscoelastic lightguide and is transported within the lightguide by total internal reflection. The transported ...

Spencer A Rathus, Jeffrey S Nevid: Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a plurality of electronic tags. Olivo Law Group P C, John W Olivo Jr, April 18, 2017: US09626697

The disclosed methods and apparatus relate generally to the use of electronic devices to interact with electronic tags associated with objects, services, places, people, or animals (“objects”) in order to access programming material related to these objects. The invention discloses the input of keyw ...

Max Abecassis, Ivars Blodnieks: Integration of multiple synchronization methodologies. March 14, 2017: US09596502

A method comprising the steps of: generating an acoustic fingerprint that is responsive to a playing of a movie; searching, responsive to the acoustic fingerprint, an acoustic database; generating a dialogue fingerprint that is responsive to the playing of the movie; searching, responsive to the dia ...



Anurag Bhardwaj, Wei Di, Muhammad Raffay Hamid, Robinson Piramuthu, Neelakantan Sundaresan: Item recommendations using image feature data. eBay, Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner P A, March 28, 2017: US09607248

An apparatus and method to facilitate finding recommendations for a query image are disclosed herein. A color histogram is determined corresponding to the query image. Determining at least one of a visual pattern included in the query image, a dominant color of the query image, or an orientation his ...

Gregory Scot Miracle, Bruce Prentiss Murch, Patrick Christopher Stenger, Charles Allen Pettigrew Jr, Justin Angelo Caserta, Casey Patrick Kelly: Detergent compositions containing pyridinol-N-oxide compositions. The Procter & Gamble Company, Gregory S Darley Emerson, Leonard W Leiws, Steven W Miller, January 24, 2017: US09550964

This disclosure relates to detergent compositions containing pyridinol-N-oxide compounds and being substantially free of bleach. Methods for treating a stained fabric using such detergent compositions are also disclosed.

Karl Christian Weller: Closure system for articles. Zipp It, Collard & Roe P C, February 28, 2017: US09578933

A closure system for an article has a zipper, a slider, as well as a zipper pull tab, in which, in the closed position of the zipper, the zipper pull tab is passed, at least in part, through a closure piece configured or disposed on the article. The slider is held positioned on the article in this c ...

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