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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a calculation method which predicts design of clothing accessories, preparation of a paper pattern, reproduction of a three-dimensional shape after sewing and the wearing state of by a human body on the basis of a geometric or dynamic calculation method, and a displa ...

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Luggage for carrying clothing, accessories and the like when traveling includes an adjustable packing board having first and second panels that are joined together between first and second luggage attachment ends. A pair of drawstrings are fixed at bottom ends to opposite ends of a luggage bottom an ...

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An apparatus can be used for organizing clothing accessories such as jewelry, neckties, scarves, and other items. The apparatus can hang from a closet rod and has a slidable track so that the items hanging from hooks attached to the slidable track can be easily accessed.

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This disclosure relates to apparel and/or clothing accessories containing a fluid container. In particular, disclosed are systems and methods for providing apparel and/or accessories that selectively contain a fluid container that can be filled with a drinkable liquid. The apparel item may include a ...

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An undergarment hanger suspending by a hanger or hook; thin and dual sided receiving pouches with side access openings for storing a wide range and sizes of undergarment clothing, accessories, and swimsuits. In addition, the shape of the undergarment hanger reduces creases and dimples formed on the ...

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This is directed to a personalized avatar providing a true representation of the user's body, such that the avatar provides a substantially accurate graphical representation of the user's body. The avatar can be defined using any suitable approach, including by providing measurements of the user's b ...

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Exemplary embodiments will provide an apparatus for restraining a portion of a distal portion of a neck-worn clothing accessory, such as a neck tie, scarf, or other such clothing accessory, by connecting a rear, or underneath, portion of the clothing accessory to an underlying garment. Exemplary emb ...

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The manufactured article consists of a woven fabric made up of warp and weft threads which consist of flexible chains made of metal or other materials instead of yarns.

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Systems and methods described herein are for transmitting a command to a remote system. A processing system determines the identity of the user based on the unique identifier and the biometric information. Thereafter, a sensor detects a gesture performed by the user. The sensor is configured to dete ...

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The cure (course of treatment) kit is noteworthy in that it includes, on the inside, on its lateral sides, flanging elements or loops 5 capable of holding containers or receptacles 6 and on its longitudinal sides, flexible walls 7 defining inner chambers 7.1 for storing, on the one hand, clothing ac ...