Timothy Scott Mortimer: Apparatus for restraining distal portion movement of neck-worn clothing accessories. Khorsandi Patent Law Group A Law Corporation, Marilyn R Khorsandi, March 3, 2015: US08966716 (2 worldwide citation)

Exemplary embodiments will provide an apparatus for restraining a portion of a distal portion of a neck-worn clothing accessory, such as a neck tie, scarf, or other such clothing accessory, by connecting a rear, or underneath, portion of the clothing accessory to an underlying garment. Exemplary emb ...

Orlandini Orlando: Manufactured article for garments, clothing accessories, pieces of jewelry, bags and other items, made from a woven fabric in wich chains take the place of yarns. Orlandini Orlando, September 20, 2000: EP1036868-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

The manufactured article consists of a woven fabric made up of warp and weft threads which consist of flexible chains made of metal or other materials instead of yarns.

Pasquale Vincent Costa, Ernest G Henrichon Jr, Curtis W Howes: Authentication of source, plus, for goods and services system, method, and components. Valmarc Corporation, Morris I Pollack, December 14, 2010: US07852195 (2 worldwide citation)

A unique identifier is created for each article (clothing, accessories, jewels, fragrances, manufactures, etc.) for which the provider of the article desires to authenticate its Brand source to the party acquiring the article to substantiate to that acquiring party that they are receiving a genuine ...

Barry Wayne Hoberman: Luggage with adjustable packing board. Travelpro International, Ackerman Senterfitt, August 20, 2002: US06435324 (2 worldwide citation)

Luggage for carrying clothing, accessories and the like when traveling includes an adjustable packing board having first and second panels that are joined together between first and second luggage attachment ends. A pair of drawstrings are fixed at bottom ends to opposite ends of a luggage bottom an ...

Cure (course of treatment) kit, particularly for individuals following a cure (course of treatment) at a spa. Renaux Marie Therese, July 6, 1990: FR2641170-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

The cure (course of treatment) kit is noteworthy in that it includes, on the inside, on its lateral sides, flanging elements or loops 5 capable of holding containers or receptacles 6 and on its longitudinal sides, flexible walls 7 defining inner chambers 7.1 for storing, on the one hand, clothing ac ...

David Galimant: Foldable solar protection device with several hinged members. Gdid National Co, huang bijing, November 12, 2003: CN01815445 (2 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a foldable solar protection device comprising several articulated elements, characterized by the fact that the articulated elements are stacked panels (1) connected by a single pivot (4) adjacent one (6) of their ends for deployment by a circular movement and by the ...

Anurag Bhardwaj, Wei Di, Muhammad Raffay Hamid, Robinson Piramuthu, Neelakantan Sundaresan: Item recommendations using image feature data. eBay, Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner P A, March 28, 2017: US09607248 (1 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method to facilitate finding recommendations for a query image are disclosed herein. A color histogram is determined corresponding to the query image. Determining at least one of a visual pattern included in the query image, a dominant color of the query image, or an orientation his ...

Johnny L Scott: Stand for holding clothing accessories. Kenneth A Roddy, October 22, 2013: US08561819 (1 worldwide citation)

A stand for holding and storing clothing accessories, such as neckties, belts and footwear in an easily seen accessible position has an elongate freestanding generally rectangular upright frame, a flat planar horizontal platform or shelf at a lower end thereof for holding and storing shoes and other ...

Simon Kayode Osindero, Robert Jaros, Eric Willis, Clayton Mellina, Anastasia Svetlichnaya: Dynamic content mapping. Yahoo, Berkeley Law & Technology Group, July 18, 2017: US09710433 (1 worldwide citation)

Briefly, embodiments disclosed herein may relate to dynamic display of representations of digital content for user interaction on computing devices, for example, including displaying a collection of content items on a display of a computing device, wherein a two-or-more-dimensional spatial arrangeme ...

Thomas K Bowen, Shawn W Baxter: Systems and methods for providing apparel having an internal fluid container. Baxbo, David B Tingey, Bryant J Keller, Kirton McConkie, April 21, 2015: US09009867 (1 worldwide citation)

This disclosure relates to apparel and/or clothing accessories containing a fluid container. In particular, disclosed are systems and methods for providing apparel and/or accessories that selectively contain a fluid container that can be filled with a drinkable liquid. The apparel item may include a ...

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