Andreas Boegel, Stephan Hansmann, Uwe Hofmann, Hilmar R Mueller, Joachim Riedle: Copper-tin alloys and uses thereof. Wieland Werke, Flynn Thiel Boutell & Tanis P C, February 12, 2002: US06346215 (3 worldwide citation)

A copper alloy contains from 4 to 20 wt. % tin and various other metals. The alloys can be used in the manufacture of structural parts which are joined together through the use of heat such as jewelry, clothing accessories and mechanically stressed structural parts in a general machine-building or a ...

Lisa Lynn Wilcher: Medication attachment device and method. Baker & Botts L, August 24, 1999: US05941433 (3 worldwide citation)

A medication attachment device and method are disclosed for attaching medication in close proximity to a body. The device includes a container for holding medication and an attachment mechanism coupled to the container. The attachment mechanism is operable to attach the container to personal apparel ...

Eiji Okamura: Distribution system. Leading Information Technology Institute, August 26, 2003: US06611732 (3 worldwide citation)

A distribution system in which many types of small-volume products classified according to product type, which includes clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, and wallets, design, color, and size are combined for shipping in one or more packing boxes to a retail store. Products

Jeffrey Lewis Daw: Headphone earmuffs. March 2, 2004: US06698028 (3 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates in general to ear muffs and in particular to an earmuff that are to be used in conjunction with headphones for portable radios, cassette players and the like. The outer surface of the earmuff is a solid shape resembling a standard earmuff while the inner side that faces ...

Tanaka Hideyuki, Tanaka Futoshi: Wearing state analysis method of assembly structure, manufacture of clothing accessaries and manufacturing supporting device. Toray, January 7, 2000: JP2000-003383 (3 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a calculation method which predicts design of clothing accessories, preparation of a paper pattern, reproduction of a three-dimensional shape after sewing and the wearing state of by a human body on the basis of a geometric or dynamic calculation method, and a displa ...

Edward C McKinney Jr: Accessory organizer. Sharper Image Corporation, Fliesler Meyer, June 14, 2005: US06905035 (2 worldwide citation)

An apparatus can be used for organizing clothing accessories such as jewelry, neckties, scarves, and other items. The apparatus can hang from a closet rod and has a slidable track so that the items hanging from hooks attached to the slidable track can be easily accessed.

Michael L Schrimmer, Arno Schrimmer: Illuminated glove having an inner and an outer glove. I Pee Holding, Levenfeld Pearlstein, February 19, 2013: US08376565 (2 worldwide citation)

Illuminated clothing accessories are disclosed. A glove includes a glove, light emitting elements disposed proximate finger tips of the glove, a controller coupled to the light emitting elements to control illumination thereof, a power supply coupled to the controller, and light reflecting elements ...

Cara Parness: Undergarment hanger. August 6, 2013: US08499930 (2 worldwide citation)

An undergarment hanger suspending by a hanger or hook; thin and dual sided receiving pouches with side access openings for storing a wide range and sizes of undergarment clothing, accessories, and swimsuits. In addition, the shape of the undergarment hanger reduces creases and dimples formed on the ...

Timothy Scott Mortimer: Apparatus for restraining distal portion movement of neck-worn clothing accessories. Khorsandi Patent Law Group A Law Corporation, Marilyn R Khorsandi, March 3, 2015: US08966716 (2 worldwide citation)

Exemplary embodiments will provide an apparatus for restraining a portion of a distal portion of a neck-worn clothing accessory, such as a neck tie, scarf, or other such clothing accessory, by connecting a rear, or underneath, portion of the clothing accessory to an underlying garment. Exemplary emb ...

Orlandini Orlando: Manufactured article for garments, clothing accessories, pieces of jewelry, bags and other items, made from a woven fabric in wich chains take the place of yarns. Orlandini Orlando, September 20, 2000: EP1036868-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

The manufactured article consists of a woven fabric made up of warp and weft threads which consist of flexible chains made of metal or other materials instead of yarns.

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