Raschdorf Richard: Garment bag. December 5, 1972: US3704778 (7 worldwide citation)

A garment bag which may be used to hold a suit and other clothing accessories usually worn with the suit. It comprises a hanger for carrying the jacket and pants of the suit and a sheet of material covering the hanger which has a plurality of article holding pockets. The pockets are used to carry ot ...

Dennis A Sequin: Clothing accessories case. Price Heneveld Cooper DeWitt & Litton, October 1, 1996: US05560483 (6 worldwide citation)

A clothing accessories case has a bottom portion with an interior cavity, a cooperating top portion, and a plurality of flexible dividers. The cooperating top portion abuts the bottom portion to define a closed case that encloses the interior cavity. The plurality of flexible dividers are located in ...

Charlotte F Messier: Interchangeable decorative accessories for personal adornment. Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, October 26, 2010: US07819721 (6 worldwide citation)

A decorative accessory for adorning a wearer's person, such as the arch area of the foot, and can also be interchangeably secured to a variety of different articles of clothing, accessories, or areas of the wearer's body. The decorative accessory includes an elongate strap, adjustment devices for ad ...

Michael Gabriel Saghbini: Mobile communication system powered by multiple batteries. Michael G Saghbini, March 28, 2006: US07020500 (6 worldwide citation)

A mobile communication system powered by multiple batteries comprises a mobile telephone that can functionally connect via a power cable to a special supplemental battery or at least one existing battery functionally contained in a minimal housing. The special battery and the minimal housing have a ...

Yvonne M Brady: Clothing accessory hanging apparatus. James M Hunter Jr, August 3, 2004: US06769555 (6 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for the organizing, storage, display and removing clothing accessories and the like, wherein the apparatus may be, optionally, hanged in a clothing closet or placed on a stand for easy access thereto. The apparatus may be characterized as a multi-layer, laminated structure comprising ou ...

Francesco Maglio: Device for tracking garments. David W Wong, March 14, 2000: US06035570 (5 worldwide citation)

The tracking device is adapted for attaching to clothing and/or clothing accessories for tracking the date, the event and any remarks pertaining to the event in which the clothing and/or clothing accessories were worn. The device is a sheet material having a circular opening and two parallel scored ...

Eiji Okamura: Distribution system. Leading Information Technology Institute, August 17, 2004: US06778880 (4 worldwide citation)

A distribution system in which many types of small-volume products classified according to product type, which includes clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, and wallets, design, color, and size are combined for shipping in one or more packing boxes to a retail store. Products

Two-stage fastening for clothing accessories. Leroy Jean Guillaume, February 6, 1987: FR2585543-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a two-stage fastening process for accessories and the production of articles, particularly clothing articles. The articles envisaged comprise a support and accessories comprising attaching and indexing means combining in order to ensure immediate and removable positi ...

Andreas Boegel, Stephan Hansmann, Uwe Hofmann, Hilmar R Mueller, Joachim Riedle: Copper-tin alloys and uses thereof. Wieland Werke, Flynn Thiel Boutell & Tanis P C, February 12, 2002: US06346215 (3 worldwide citation)

A copper alloy contains from 4 to 20 wt. % tin and various other metals. The alloys can be used in the manufacture of structural parts which are joined together through the use of heat such as jewelry, clothing accessories and mechanically stressed structural parts in a general machine-building or a ...

Lisa Lynn Wilcher: Medication attachment device and method. Baker & Botts L, August 24, 1999: US05941433 (3 worldwide citation)

A medication attachment device and method are disclosed for attaching medication in close proximity to a body. The device includes a container for holding medication and an attachment mechanism coupled to the container. The attachment mechanism is operable to attach the container to personal apparel ...

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