Charlotte F Messier: Interchangeable decorative accessories for personal adornment. Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, October 26, 2010: US07819721 (8 worldwide citation)

A decorative accessory for adorning a wearer's person, such as the arch area of the foot, and can also be interchangeably secured to a variety of different articles of clothing, accessories, or areas of the wearer's body. The decorative accessory includes an elongate strap, adjustment devices for ad ...

Sherrie D Rice: Clothing accessories storage rack. Kennedy Davis & Kennedy, September 29, 1998: US05813547 (7 worldwide citation)

A rotatable shoe rack for visible and readily accessible storage of a plurality of clothing accessories such as shoes, ties, scarves and belts, comprising a pair of opposing base plates, having slotted channels which receive flexible belts that define a plurality of sockets. Respective distal ends o ...

Raschdorf Richard: Garment bag. December 5, 1972: US3704778 (7 worldwide citation)

A garment bag which may be used to hold a suit and other clothing accessories usually worn with the suit. It comprises a hanger for carrying the jacket and pants of the suit and a sheet of material covering the hanger which has a plurality of article holding pockets. The pockets are used to carry ot ...

Dennis A Sequin: Clothing accessories case. Price Heneveld Cooper DeWitt & Litton, October 1, 1996: US05560483 (6 worldwide citation)

A clothing accessories case has a bottom portion with an interior cavity, a cooperating top portion, and a plurality of flexible dividers. The cooperating top portion abuts the bottom portion to define a closed case that encloses the interior cavity. The plurality of flexible dividers are located in ...

Yvonne M Brady: Clothing accessory hanging apparatus. James M Hunter Jr, August 3, 2004: US06769555 (6 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for the organizing, storage, display and removing clothing accessories and the like, wherein the apparatus may be, optionally, hanged in a clothing closet or placed on a stand for easy access thereto. The apparatus may be characterized as a multi-layer, laminated structure comprising ou ...

Casper Jacques, Boasso Ezio: Textile material comprising a polymer-ceramic composite and manufacturing method. Casper Jacques, Boasso Ezio, August 8, 2007: EP1816254-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

Textile material (1) comprises at least a fabric (2, 2-a) comprising a part of at least one of the two faces (3, 4, 4-a) connected to a layer (5) comprising a composite material (6) containing ceramics particles at 1-60 mass.% dispersed in a matrix containing polymer, preferably polyurethane to emit ...

Francesco Maglio: Device for tracking garments. David W Wong, March 14, 2000: US06035570 (5 worldwide citation)

The tracking device is adapted for attaching to clothing and/or clothing accessories for tracking the date, the event and any remarks pertaining to the event in which the clothing and/or clothing accessories were worn. The device is a sheet material having a circular opening and two parallel scored ...

Gerarld Manuello: Magnetic clasp device for clothing accessories. Cantor Colburn, July 19, 2016: US09392829 (4 worldwide citation)

A device for magnetic clasping for a clothing accessory includes at least one permanently magnetized assembly arranged at one end of one surface of the accessory, while a plurality of ferromagnetic elements and/or permanently magnetized assemblies are arranged longitudinally on the other surface at ...

Eiji Okamura: Distribution system. Leading Information Technology Institute, August 17, 2004: US06778880 (4 worldwide citation)

A distribution system in which many types of small-volume products classified according to product type, which includes clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, and wallets, design, color, and size are combined for shipping in one or more packing boxes to a retail store. Products

Two-stage fastening for clothing accessories. Leroy Jean Guillaume, February 6, 1987: FR2585543-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a two-stage fastening process for accessories and the production of articles, particularly clothing articles. The articles envisaged comprise a support and accessories comprising attaching and indexing means combining in order to ensure immediate and removable positi ...

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