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A method and apparatus for selecting wearables, such as cosmetics and clothing accessories, which match an object of interest, includes control logic for selecting an appropriate wearable based on a metric determined by light reflected from the object. Light is transmitted by an input device which a ...

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A travel tie hanger constructed in a manner to provide a convenient and accessible means of storage for not only neckties, but also cuff links, tie tacks, belts, tie clasps and other men's clothing accessories.

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Sensing of machine readable indicia associated with a catalog permits on-line ordering of merchandise. A profile of user-specific data (e.g., clothing sizes) can be employed to customize the transaction. Sensing of such indicia on a garment tag permits a collection of complementary clothing or acces ...

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An accessory rack for storing a plurality of articles such as wearing apparel or clothing accessories including jewelry, scarfs, ties, belts, chains, handbags, beads and the like and which includes a plurality of generally C-shaped hooks which are suspended from a telescoping housing so as to provid ...

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A clothes mannequin is formed out of a rigid flat core panel sandwiched between two surrounding layers of soft resilient foam material, such that the mannequin is relatively light weight yet resistant to bending, twisting or breaking apart. A suspension hook has a swivel connection with the core pan ...

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An assembly includes a socket member, a post element, a stud member, and a decorative element. The socket member is secured to a fashion article, such as clothing, accessories (e.g., belts, hats, purse, shoes, etc.) or undergarments using the post element. The decorative element is secured to a fron ...

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A modular panel is described which has a flexible planar sheet form body with peripheral edges. Zippers are positioned along each of the four peripheral edges. The zippers along the peripheral edges of the body enable the peripheral edges to be mated with each other or other bodies to form articles ...

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A clothing accessory article such as a handbag or a high heeled shoe, etc. has an exterior surface provided with a plurality of lights dispersed among gem like members which are illuminated by the lights. The article includes a switch for on/off control of the lights and that switch is disguised as ...