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An improved system is disclosed for monitoring a patient's blood chemistry, wherein the system intermittently draws blood samples from the patient into a special sensor assembly having a plurality of analytical sensors, each sensitive to a particular parameter of the blood. After signals produced by ...

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A first embodiment of the present invention pertains to a method of patterning a semiconductor device conductive feature while permitting easy removal of any residual masking layer which remains after completion of the etching process. A multi-layered masking structure is used which includes a layer ...

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Dry chemistry reagent system, kit and method for detection of an analyte such as glucose, cholesterol, urea, antigen or antibody. The reagent system is a porous membrane or bibulous film having a porosity gradient from one planar surface to the other. In the membrane are uniformly distributed an ind ...

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A test strip is disclosed which provides for transport and separation of heterogenous fluid samples. This test strip can be used for analysis of whole blood by reflectance measurement. This test strip, which can be especially adapted for use in a disposable blood sampling fixture, comprises two func ...

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Self-encoding microspheres having distinct characteristic optical response signatures to specific target analytes may be mixed together while the ability is retained to identify the sensor type and location of each sensor in a random dispersion of large numbers of such sensors in a sensor array usin ...