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Thin liners and tubes of special metals and alloys such as tantalum bonded to substrates or mounted in support plates of metallurgically dissimilar metals and alloys such as mild steel by an elastomer such as a silicone or fluoro elastomer. Also a shock absorbent mounting of tubes telescoped into he ...

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A metal or glass wire is etched with great precision into a very narrowly tapering cone which has the shape of the desired final capillary-optics bore. By controlling the rate of removal of the wire from an etchant bath, a carefully controlled taper is produced. A sensor measures the diameter of the ...

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A chemical process for separating air into both oxygen and purified nitrogen is disclosed. Bulk oxygen removal is accomplished using an oxygen acceptor such as molten alkali nitrite solution, SrO, or Pr-Ce oxides. The remaining oxygen is removed by reaction with a scavenger such as MnO or others. Th ...

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An integrated heat exchange system on a microfluidic card. According to one aspect of the invention, the portable microfluidic card has a heating, cooling and heat cycling system on-board such that the card can be used portably. The microfluidic card includes one or more reservoirs containing exothe ...

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A gas fired burner is provided for use in applications such as chemical process furnaces for process heaters in refineries and chemical plants, and the like. The burner is provided with a plurality of fuel gas inlets for enabling manipulation of the flame shape and combustion characteristics of the ...

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Modular chemical delivery substrate blocks which have both directional and transverse flow direction capabilities united in a single modular substrate block and which utilize localized fastener substrate joining techniques unique to such a design. The design, which incorporates current semiconductor ...

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Hydroxy aromatics are aminated to form the corresponding aromatic amine by reaction at 200.degree.-400.degree.C with ammonia in the presence of a cyclohexanone and water in contact with a hydrogen transfer catalyst. For example, 2,6-dimethylphenol reacts with ammonia in the presence of cyclohexanone ...

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A catalyst carrier that is comprised of relatively large alpha alumina particles dispersed in matrix that comprises an alpha alumina formed in situ by a sol-gel process has excellent crush resistance while retaining good porosity and catalytic performance.

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A method to enhance oil recovery from a fractured carbonate reservoir, the reservoir being accessible via a production well. The method includes injecting a surfactant solution including surfactants into the production well, and injecting a second well treatment process into the production well. The ...

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The present invention is directed to a method of amplifying and detecting single or double stranded target nucleic acid molecules. Amplification of the target nucleic acid molecule is accomplished by using at least two chemically modified oligonucleotide probes per target nucleic acid molecule to fo ...