Aliassghar Tofighi, Christian Rey: Synthesis of calcium phosphates by mechano-chemical process. Etex Corporation, Clark & Elbing, January 15, 2008: US07318841 (31 worldwide citation)

A low crystallinity calcium phosphate powder is prepared by mechanically grinding a calcium phosphate solid under grinding forces local heating sufficient to mechanically alloy the calcium phosphate solid and reduce the crystalline domains of the calcium phosphate solid to less than about 100 nm. Th ...

Pramod B Koradia, Carmine M Doddato, Daniel C Sherman, William H Gerdes: Catalyst carrier. Norton Chemical Process Products, David Bennett, November 30, 1993: US05266548 (31 worldwide citation)

Porous carrier materials comprising at least 90% by weight of at least 95% pure alpha alumina are very effective as supports for catalysts treating engine exhausts and are significantly better able to withstand extreme conditions than conventional supports.

Akihiko Asano, Tomoatsu Kinoshita: Method for manufacturing thin film device and semiconductor device using a third substrate. Sony Corporation, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, July 12, 2005: US06916681 (31 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a thin film device. The thin film device is manufactured by bonding a second substrate (106) to a thin film device layer (103) provided on a protective layer (102) formed on a first substrate (101) through a first adhesive layer (105), then ...

Edwin Robinson, David Buckle: Disposal of waste products by combustion. Deborah Fluidised Combustion, Reising Ethington Barnard Perry & Brooks, June 2, 1981: US04270468 (31 worldwide citation)

A method of disposing of waste products from the chemical process industries, especially as a result of the re-refining of oils. The waste products are burnt in a fluidized bed in which the bed material is fluidized in a non-uniform to effect circulation thereof so as to complete combustion at such ...

Cooper Theodore W: Method and system for open cycle operation of internal combustion engines. Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, February 19, 1974: US3792690 (31 worldwide citation)

A method and system for the open cycle operation of an internal combustion engine to achieve more complete combustion and increased efficiency, and to effectively reduce or eliminate harmful exhaust pollutants. A combustible charge is formed in a combustion chamber of the engine with a given ratio o ...

D Sangeeta: Thermal barrier coating removal on flat and contoured surfaces. General Electric Company, Noreen C Johnson, William H Pittman, July 1, 1997: US05643474 (31 worldwide citation)

The invention is directed towards a wet chemical process for removing physical vapor deposited or air plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings from coated parts without damaging or effecting the bond coat or the base metal substrate. The process entails using an autoclave with an organic caustic solu ...

Michael J Binkley: Method of and apparatus for flow promotion. Glitsch, Johnson & Gibbs, March 9, 1993: US05192466 (30 worldwide citation)

Method of and apparatus for imparting directional liquid flow on a chemical process tower tray. A series of raised tray areas are disposed about the tray surface for affecting preferential vapor flow therethrough. The raised tray regions are constructed with directional flow louvers for creating a d ...

Bjorn Staffan Artur Hamrin: Pellets in the form of foamed bodies, and methods for the preparation thereof. Aktiebolaget Forenode Superfosfatfabrika Landskrona, Ralph E Bucknam, Jesse D Reingold, Henry A Marzullo Jr, September 5, 1972: US3688437 (30 worldwide citation)

A method for covering and enlarging individual seeds by a chemical process, comprising the steps of introducing said seeds into a first solution containing at least one gelatinizable compound and a catalyst for the decomposition of a further compound capable of giving off a gas, and then introducing ...

Charles F Kulpa, Michael G Johnston: Microorganism for degrading toxic waste materials. Occidental Chemical Corporation, James F Tao, William G Gosz, February 7, 1989: US04803166 (30 worldwide citation)

A microorganism is disclosed for degrading toxic waste materials into more environmentally acceptable materials. Processes for utilizing the microorganism in a sequencing batch reactor, and for treating industrial and municipal wastes, such as chemical waste landfill leachate and chemical process wa ...

Edwin A Richardson, Ronald F Scheuerman, David C Berkshire: Chemical process for backsurging fluid through well casing perforations. Shell Oil Company, August 26, 1980: US04219083 (29 worldwide citation)

A backsurge of fluid through perforations in a well casing is chemically induced by injecting into the surrounding reservoir a solution which contains (a) nitrogen gas-generating reactants, (b) a reaction-retarding alkaline buffer, and (c) a pH-reducing reactant that is capable of subsequently overr ...

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