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The invention provides a novel process for the manufacture of biphenylcarbonitriles of the formula I as defined hereinafter which are useful for the production of certain known imidazole derivatives and certain novel quinoline derivatives which have angiotensin II inhibitory activity. The process in ...

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A viscosity measuring system especially useful in pollution and chemical process control applications. A variable gain amplifier drives a magnetic coil which causes a torsion member to oscillate. The amplitude of the oscillations is sensed by a transducer, and converted to a DC voltage by an amplitu ...

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Oxygen is separated from air by a regenerative chemical process. Air is contacted with an oxygen acceptor comprised of a molten solution of alkali nitrite and nitrate salts at elevated temperature and pressure, causing the oxygen to react with the nitrite, and thereby increasing the proportion of ni ...

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Method of and apparatus for imparting directional liquid flow on a chemical process tower tray. A series of raised tray areas are disposed about the tray surface for affecting preferential vapor flow therethrough. The raised tray regions are constructed with directional flow louvers for creating a d ...

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Porous carrier materials comprising at least 90% by weight of at least 95% pure alpha alumina are very effective as supports for catalysts treating engine exhausts and are significantly better able to withstand extreme conditions than conventional supports.

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A method of disposing of waste products from the chemical process industries, especially as a result of the re-refining of oils. The waste products are burnt in a fluidized bed in which the bed material is fluidized in a non-uniform to effect circulation thereof so as to complete combustion at such ...

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The invention is directed towards a wet chemical process for removing physical vapor deposited or air plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings from coated parts without damaging or effecting the bond coat or the base metal substrate. The process entails using an autoclave with an organic caustic solu ...

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The present invention relates to an improved process for transforming plant protoplasts using simple, purely chemical, process steps, and to the plant material obtainable by this method.

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A method for covering and enlarging individual seeds by a chemical process, comprising the steps of introducing said seeds into a first solution containing at least one gelatinizable compound and a catalyst for the decomposition of a further compound capable of giving off a gas, and then introducing ...