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The process of preparing a formaldehyde-free, thermosetting resin which is especially useful for bonding lignocellulosic materials together to form plywood or particle board, which process comprises first reacting an aqueous preparation containing a carbohydrate raw material with a mineral acid to c ...

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The invention relates to the manufacture of manganese dioxide by a chemical process. The resulting manganese dioxide product takes the form of particles characterized by filament-like protrusions jutting out from its surface. The manganese dioxide particles having such surface features can be manufa ...

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The present invention provides a method of removing contaminants from water which includes the steps of first providing a water feed exposed to at least one hydrocarbon or chemical process. This water feed is set in-line with a reverse osmosis system which includes an inlet, at least one reverse osm ...

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The present invention relates to a chemical process involving a processing step which is sensitive to the presence of at least one component contained within the stream to be processed. In particular, the present invention relates to an economical and efficient method of integrating the means for re ...

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An apparatus is provided for hypoxic training or therapy. The apparatus provides a user air having a lower oxygen content than the ambient atmosphere. The apparatus reduces the oxygen content of the air by passing the ambient air through a membrane separator which extracts the oxygen therefrom by a ...

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A method and an apparatus of obtaining measurement data from a chemical process in a mass in a space, such as the charge in a blast furnace, is disclosed where the mass passes through the space from an inlet to an outlet and chemical and/or mechanical change in the mass takes place as it passes thro ...

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A treatment method of semiconductor wafers and the like, for carrying out step by step in a sealed container, a series of processes comprising chemical process with a cleaning chemical (chemical process) and final water rinsing process by using rinsing pure water (rinse process) and a drying process ...

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This invention relates to low cost heat exchangers of the parallel plate-type useful for recovery or dissipation of heat energy in buildings of all types, including homes, office buildings and factories, as well as for heat recovery in the chemical process, electrical power and other industries.

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Acrylic monomers are grafted onto starch-containing materials by a novel dry state process in which small amounts of peroxides chemically initiate the free radical reaction. Since the process is dry and the resultant products contain no contaminants, it is unnecessary to isolate, wash, and dry them ...

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A tool and process for electroetching metal films or layers on a substrate employs a linear electrode and a linear jet of electrolyte squirted from the electrode. The electrode is slowly scanned over the film by a drive mechanism. The current is preferably intermittent. In one embodiment a single wa ...