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A control system controls the temperature of a chemical process vessel by recirculating a heat transfer medium through a jacket surrounding the vessel. In order to control the temperature of the recirculating medium, the control system uses an internal cooling heat exchanger connected in series with ...

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A facultatively anaerobic microorganism of a strain of Klebsiella oxytoca is disclosed for degrading toxic waste materials into more environmentally acceptable materials. Processes for utilizing the microorganism in a sequencing batch reactor, and for treating industrial and municipal wastes, such a ...

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The invention relates to the manufacture of manganese dioxide by a chemical process. The resulting product takes the form of gamma manganese dioxide particles characterized by filament-like protrusions of ramsdellite manganese dioxide jutting out from the surface of the particles. The manganese diox ...

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The present invention provides a process for producing a metal or metalloid salt of methyl methylphosphonic acid which comprises reacting, under non-aqueous conditions, dimethyl methylphosphonate with a finely divided form of an oxide or hydroxide of one or more metals or metalloids from group IIA, ...

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Novel antibacterially-active compound, 1,2,8,8a-cyclopropa[c]-benzo[1,2-b:-4,3-b']dipyrol-4(5H)-one, prepared by a novel chemical process. This compound, as well as antibacterially-active intermediates, can be used to eradicate or control susceptible bacteria, for example, B. subtilis, K. pneumonia, ...

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The invention relates to a novel chemical process for preparing 4-phenylpiperidines having calcium overload blocking activity and antidepressant activity, and to novel intermediates used in that process.

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An integrated heat exchange system on a microfluidic card. According to one aspect of the invention, the portable microfluidic card has a heating, cooling and heat cycling system on-board such that the card can be used portably. The microfluidic card includes one or more reservoirs containing exothe ...

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Microchannel devices and method of use are disclosed wherein a reaction microchamber 52 is in thermal contact with a heat exchange channel 61. An equilibrium limited exothermic chemical process occurs in the reaction microchamber 52. Sufficient heat is transferred to the heat exchange channels to su ...

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An electrochromic element useful in an electrochromic glass or mirror device and a process for making such element. The element is a five-layered structure including an electrolyte ion conducting layer interposed between first and second inorganic electrochromic layers which are interposed between a ...

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A vapor horn-packing bed assembly for a chemical process tower incorporating a plurality of directional flow vanes within a 360 degree annular housing. A structured packing bed is disposed centrally of the annular housing and the vapor horn is disposed in flow communication with the packing bed wher ...