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A method is described for providing rapid on-line analyses of chemical compositions such as chemical process streams, utilizing near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy in combination with chemometrics. In the method, for each type of analysis to be conducted, a database is provided by analyzing a series of ...

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Method and apparatus for generating synthesis gas, such as hydrogen through the catalytic conversion of hydrocarbons under heat. In order to reduce the fuel energy losses associated with such chemical processes, the reactors filled with a catalyzer are at least partially heated by the direct or indi ...

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The organic material fouling fiber mist eliminator elements used in the chemical process industry (e.g., to filter chlorine gas in the production of chlorine) is removed by treating the fouled element with a heated, dilute aqueous caustic solution.

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A method and apparatus for recovering work from a nitrogen stream, wherein the nitrogen is preheated via heat exchange with hot fluid from a chemical process, which process utilizes the oxygen product of the air separation. Preferably at least a part of the expanded nitrogen is utilized to preheat a ...


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There is disclosed a process for the polymerization of butadiene and butadiene in mixture with other diolefins to form polymers containing a high proportion of the butadiene units in the cis-1,4 configuration which comprises contacting said monomer under solution polymerization conditions at tempera ...

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The present specification provides novel analogs of carbacyclin (CBA.sub.2), 6a-carba-prostacyclin (6a-carba-PGI.sub.2), which have pronounced prostacyclin-like pharmacological activity, e.g., as platelet anti-aggregatory agents. Specifically the novel chemical analogs of CBA.sub.2 are those substit ...

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The present invention relates to a chemical process involving a processing step which is sensitive to the presence of at least one component contained within the stream to be processed and to an economical and efficient method of temporarily removing such deleterious component from the stream so as ...

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A method for decomposing and disposing of asbestos compounds through the use of a two part chemical process. The first step in the chemical process involves the decomposition of asbestos through the use of sulfuric acid. The second step of the process involves the solidification of the products resu ...

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A vertical, cylindrical reaction vessel for catalytic, exothermic gas-phase reaction in which gaseous raw materials are passed substantially in the radial direction through a catalyst layer including therein cooling tubes extended vertically. A cooling medium is passed through the cooling tubes to r ...