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A mass transfer device is provided in the form of a tray having moveable valves which includes perforations spanned by bridge members shaped to divert liquid flowing in the design flow direction around the perforation such that gas rising through the perforation causes the valve to open and then enc ...

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Process for recovery of energy from geothermal fluids such as geothermal brine in a geothermal formation by injecting a water immiscible working fluid, preferably organic, typically a hydrocarbon, e.g. isobutane, into the geothermal formation containing a geothermal fluid such as hot brine, wherein ...

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A gas fired burner is provided for use in applications such as chemical process furnaces for process heaters in refineries and chemical plants, and the like. The burner is provided with a plurality of fuel gas inlets for enabling manipulation of the flame shape and combustion characteristics of the ...

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A chemical process plant for water purification and a pure water storage tank are provided which may be floated in a river, lake, reservoir or other body of water which serves as the source of supply. Each structure is comprised of a flotation collar with a rigid support frame and an enclosure made ...

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Cobalt base alloys for use at elevated temperatures are disclosed that possess excellent resistance to oxidation/corrosion at elevated temperatures in combination with mechanical properties which exceed those of similar alloys currently in use. The resistance to oxidation/corrosion is afforded by a ...

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A catalyst carrier that is comprised of relatively large alpha alumina particles dispersed in matrix that comprises an alpha alumina formed in situ by a sol-gel process and titania has excellent crush resistance while retaining good porosity and catalytic performance.

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A process for making a compound of formula (I), (A chemical compound should be inserted here - please see paper copy enclosed herewith) (I) which is useful as an intermediate to compounds which activate glucokinase, is described, (wherein P1, R1 and R2 are as defined in the description).

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The present invention relates generally to a new power device. More specifically, it creates hydrogen from supplied water and electricity. The hydrogen is then used in combination with air in an electrolysis-electrical cell to produce electric power. All of this is accomplished by first storing the ...

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A chemical process is provided for forming an electrically conductive polymer blend in which polypyrrole is a minor component. The polypyrrole is formed from a pyrrole monomer, optionally substituted at the 3- and 4-positions. The process comprises forming a solution of a matrix polymer in an anhydr ...

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Disclosed is a method and apparatus for alternatively feeding liquid to be distributed in a chemical process tower through a plurality of liquid distributors positioned at the same level within the tower. Very low flowrates with very uniform liquid distribution is achieved with this invention.