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Aspirator and dispenser arms are rotatably mounted on a center tube assembly above a main platform containing fluid specimens to be analyzed and the various receptacles in which the specimens are mixed with reagents and inspected. Means included in the aspirator and dispenser arms transport and mete ...

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A release tag reagent suitable for use in the chemical analysis of a substance to be detected comprises signal, release, and reactivity groups. A class of release tag compounds that are cleaved to release as signal groups very stable electrophoric ketones which are sufficiently volatile for determin ...

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An explosive detection screening system used for the detection of explosives and other controlled substances such as drugs or narcotics. The screening system detects the vapor and/or particulate emissions from the aforementioned substances and reports that they are present on an individual or object ...

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A method of chemical analysis is disclosed which employs a release tag compound of general formula

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This invention provides an automated chemical analyzer with improved processing flexibility and ease. In one embodiment of this invention, the analyzer includes an incubation station, a wash station and a read station. The incubation station includes an elongated, movable track to carry reaction ves ...

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