Ray A Woodriff, Daniel T Woodriff: Background correction in spectro-chemical analysis. Fitch Even Tabin & Luedeka, July 12, 1977: US04035083 (67 worldwide citation)

Various methods and apparatus are disclosed for providing a background corrected measure of the concentration of a sample element in absorption and emission spectro-chemical analysis using the principles of the Zeeman effect and certain other related effects using a magnetic field.

Colin Corrigan, Lawrence Haley: Explosive detection screening system. Research Corporation Technologies, Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, September 13, 1994: US05345809 (60 worldwide citation)

An explosive detection screening system used for the detection of explosives and other controlled substances such as drugs or narcotics. The screening system detects the vapor and/or particulate emissions from the aforementioned substances and reports that they are present on an individual or object ...

Liston Max D: Digital chemical analysis apparatus. Abbott Laboratories, July 24, 1973: US3748044 (60 worldwide citation)

The disclosure describes an improved system for evaluating rates of reactions and end point determinations that take place within a plurality of individaul secimens. The system includes a cuvette for holding each of the specimens in an individual compartment. Analyzing apparatus is used to generate ...

Katsuaki Muraishi: Chemical analysis apparatus. Fuji Photo Film, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas, April 7, 1992: US05102624 (59 worldwide citation)

A chemical analysis apparatus comprises an incubator provided with a plurality of chambers disposed on the same circumference for each housing a chemical analysis slide, a sample application device disposed above the incubator at a predetermined position on the circuumference, and a probe disposed b ...

Harold G Craighead: Multiple optical channels for chemical analysis. Cornell Research Foundation, Jones Tullar & Cooper P C, April 10, 2001: US06214246 (59 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for optical analysis of a sample material includes a channel block incorporating microfabricated channels and an integral gel material. Illuminating optics direct light to the sample material and light reflected from, refracted by and/or emitted by the sample is collected by collection opt ...

Roger W Giese: Method of chemical analysis employing molecular release tag compounds. Weingarten Schurgin Gagnebin & Hayes, March 17, 1987: US04650750 (59 worldwide citation)

A method of chemical analysis is disclosed which employs a release tag compound of general formula

Roger W Giese, Samy Abdel Baky, Linxiao Xu: Release tag compounds producing ketone signal groups. Northeastern University, Weingarten Schurgin Gagnebin & Hayes, May 14, 1996: US05516931 (58 worldwide citation)

A release tag reagent suitable for use in the chemical analysis of a substance to be detected comprises signal, release, and reactivity groups. A class of release tag compounds that are cleaved to release as signal groups very stable electrophoric ketones which are sufficiently volatile for determin ...

J Michael Ramsey: Apparatus and method for performing microfluidic manipulations for chemical analysis. UT Battelle, Dann Dorfman Herrell and Skillman P C, January 29, 2002: US06342142 (58 worldwide citation)

A microchip apparatus and method provide fluidic manipulations for a variety of applications, including sample injection for microchip liquid chromatography. The microchip is fabricated using standard photolitographic procedures and chemical wet etching, with the substrate and cover plate joined usi ...

Roger W Giese: Molecular analytical release tags and their use in chemical analysis. Northeastern University, Weingarten Schurgin Gagnebin & Hayes, November 1, 1994: US05360819 (57 worldwide citation)

A release tag reagent suitable for use in the chemical analysis of a substance to be detected, which substance contains reactive groups, such as for, but not limited to gas phase detection groups, which reagent comprises three covalently bonded groups: a signal group which on release provides a keto ...

Ronald P Manginell, Gregory C Frye Mason: Chemical preconcentrator. Sandia Corporation, John P Hohimer, January 9, 2001: US06171378 (56 worldwide citation)

A chemical preconcentrator is disclosed with applications to chemical sensing and analysis. The preconcentrator can be formed by depositing a resistive heating element (e.g. platinum) over a membrane (e.g. silicon nitride) suspended above a substrate. A coating of a sorptive material (e.g. a micropo ...

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