Hoskins Douglas Haig, Horne Thomas, Jarman Graham Roger, Dunsmore Arthur William: Automatic chemical analysis apparatus. Coulter Electronics, Silverman & Cass, May 13, 1975: US3883305 (91 worldwide citation)

An automatic chemical analysis apparatus having separate closed-looped conveyors for sample and reactant containers. At a fixed location, sample portions from a given sample are transferred to a serial sequence of reactant containers. Colourimetric testing is arranged such that all of the reactant p ...

Kenneth J Schlager: Positive correlation filter systems and methods of use thereof. Instrumentation Metrics, Bozicevic & Reed, May 12, 1998: US05750994 (88 worldwide citation)

A number of optically active elements are provided that enable the performance of accurate, dependable chemical analysis in a medium having varying matrix backgrounds and substantial component interferences. Optical transfer cells are provided that include positive correlation filter systems adapted ...

Katsuaki Muraishi, Nakatsugu Yaginuma, Kikuo Hirai, Fuminori Arai, Yuzo Iwata: Chemical analysis apparatus. Fuji Photo Film, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas, August 8, 1989: US04855109 (88 worldwide citation)

A chemical analysis apparatus comprises a slide loading section for holding chemical analysis slides, a section for applying a sample material to the chemical analysis slide, and an incubator provided with housing compartments for housing the chemical analysis slides side by side in a transverse dir ...

Johannes G Schindler, Wilfried Schael: Catheter device and system for continuous chemical analysis of body fluids in vivo. Dr E Fresenius Chemisch pharmazeutisch Industrie KG, Omri M Behr, Martin Sachs, May 5, 1981: US04265249 (88 worldwide citation)

A system for obtaining body fluids for continuous chemical analysis thereof includes a catheter for obtaining the material to be measured. The surface of the catheter is partially coated with a semi-permeable filter membrane. From the rear side of the filter membrane a plurality of channels are prov ...

Colin Corrigan, Lawrence Haley: Explosive detection screening system. Research Corporation Technologies, Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, December 17, 1996: US05585575 (87 worldwide citation)

An explosive detection screening system used for the detection of explosives and other controlled substances such as drugs or narcotics. The screening system detects the vapor and/or particulate emissions from the aforementioned substances and reports that they are present on an individual or object ...

George B Parrent Jr, Harold Hauer: Device and process for mixing a sample and a diluent. Hercules Incorporated, Connolly & Hutz, April 24, 1990: US04920060 (86 worldwide citation)

In a chemical analysis system a sample liquid is passed through a non-wetting porous membrane from a reservoir of sample liquid to a flowing stream of diluent which is constantly flowing when the sample liquid penetrates the membrane under positive pressure differential from the sample side of the m ...

Patrick E Guire, Melvin J Swanson: Chemical analysis apparatus and method. Bio Metric Systems, Fredrikson & Byron P A, August 5, 1997: US05654162 (85 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for the determination of an analyte in a liquid sample, the method and apparatus employing a liquid-permeable solid medium defining a liquid flow path. The medium includes one or more reactant-containing reaction zones spaced apart along the flow path and in which reaction occ ...

Asaji Kondo, Masao Kitajima: Multilayered integral chemical analysis element for the blood. Fuji Photo Film, Sughrue Rothwell Mion Zinn and Macpeak, March 17, 1981: US04256693 (85 worldwide citation)

A multilayered integral chemical analysis element for the blood comprising a filter layer capable of removing formed components from the blood, a water-proof layer having at least one small opening therein, a porous spreading layer and a reagent layer laminated in this order.

ROTHBERG JONATHAN M: Integrated sensor arrays for biological and chemical analysis. ION TORRENT SYSTEMS INCORPORATED, Trevisan Maria A, April 29, 2010: WO/2010/047804 (85 worldwide citation)

The invention is directed to apparatus and chips comprising a large scale chemical field effect transistor arrays that include an array of sample-retaining regions capable of retaining a chemical or biological sample from a sample fluid for analysis. In one aspect such transistor arrays have a pitch ...

Clyde P Glover, James E Ferris, Robert J Meyer, Edward Muka: Method and apparatus for chemical analysis. Eastman Kodak Company, D D Schaper, September 23, 1980: US04224032 (82 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus are disclosed for performing chemical analysis on selected fluids. The apparatus comprises a turntable which carries a plurality of cartridges containing test slides. A transfer mechanism is adapted to receive a slide from a selected cartridge, transport the slide to a meterin ...

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