Brandell John T, Szarka David D, Sullaway Bob L: Flotteur a tube, Casing valve. Halliburton Company, SWABEY OGILVY RENAULT, August 3, 1999: CA2029529

A casing valve includes an outer housing with a slidingsleeve. First and second seals define a sealed annulus withinthe housing. A latch is disposed in the sealed annulus forlatching the sliding sleeve in its first and second positions. The housing has a plurality of housing ports defined therein, a ...






Xu Min: Closed-loop control system for automatically measuring oil well dynamic liquid level to change running speed of oil pumping machine. Shenyang Sili Industry Company, wangdong yu, December 24, 2008: CN200710011796

The invention provides a close-loop control system which automatically measures the dynamic liquid level of an oil well and changes the running speed of an oil pumping unit. The invention relates to an oil well dynamic liquid level close-loop control system which judges the liquid supply volume of a ...

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The invention relates to a well-head shutoff pressure prevention and casting head gas recovery integrated device. The integrated device mainly comprises an oil return communicating tube and a gas-recycling communicating tube, wherein the two communicating tubes are designed to be U-shaped, one end o ...

Li Deju: Water filling and discharging controller. Beijing Solar Energy Inst, qi ling, December 16, 1998: CN97112437

A controller for charging and discharging water in solar water heating system is composed of casing, valve core, check valve, and transposition ring. By the rotation coordination of valve core relative to transposition ring under the action of water pressure and the dead weight of valve core, the va ...