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A clamp for gripping casing strings is disclosed. A series of radially arranged spring biased slips are mounted in a housing attached to a top drive. A hydraulic system is used to release the slips from the gripping position upon a casing string.

Rolf A Russe: Process and device for the centering of casings as used for underground drilling. Max L Wymore, October 20, 1981: US04295527 (32 worldwide citation)

A casing clamp and guide arrangement to permit ease of centering and securing of the next section of pipe casing to a downhole string comprising an elongated stable member having clamp means at either end with one clamp adapted to engage the top of the uppermost downhole pipe casing and the other cl ...

Greider Charles Austin: Product encasing machine. Townsend Engineering Company, June 27, 1972: US3672001 (32 worldwide citation)

A product encasing machine comprising an adjustable hopper for product casings, the hopper being positioned above a clamp means comprising front and rear V-shaped seats. The front and rear seats are adapted to receive one casing at a time from the hopper when in their open position. The front and re ...

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A horizontal boring machine is presented. The machine includes a pump which pumps mud forward through a hollow drill pipe and drill to form a seal on the outside of any casing which is used and to carry cuttings back through the casing. A one-way check valve in the drill pipe prevents mud from flowi ...

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A support system for use in construction or repair of a fire hydrant installation includes a lower bracket and an upper bracket. The upper bracket has an adjustable hydrant riser clamp which is connected to an adjustable hydrant valve casing clamp by an adjustable spacer. The lower bracket also has ...

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A drilling apparatus includes a platform for positioning at a drilling site) a mast pivotally mounted on the platform) a rod clamp on one end of the mast for clamping a drill rod) a drill head slidably mounted on the mast for driving the drill rod during a drilling operation, a main ram connected to ...

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A clamp assembly for fixedly mounting the lower end of a remote speed control cable that controls the speed of a small internal combustion engine. The clamp assembly includes a casing clamp having a mounting member having a base plate with a first fastener receiving opening formed therethrough and a ...

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1392967 Screwing drill rods ATLAS COPCO AB 12 July 1972 [12 July 1971] 32549/72 Heading B3N [Also in Division E1[ A drill assembly 11 (Fig. 2) adapted to rest on a sea-bed has rotary-drive mechanism 34 driven by a motor 38, a drill string (not shown) rotated by the mechanism and including a core bar ...

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A drive module is inserted into an extraction opening of a server and includes a casing, a circuit board, a fixing member fixed on the casing, a plurality of drives, and a cover having a clamping portion and forming a space cooperatively with the casing. The fixing member has engaging and pressing a ...

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768,031. Borehole apparatus. BADE & CO., GES. July 23, 1954 [July 24, 1953], No. 21536/54. Class 85. Apparatus for inserting casing linings in bore-holes comprises a two-armed casing clamp 2 and a pair of telescopic bars 11 coupled to the arms of the clamp 2 and incorporating pressure cylinders 14 t ...