Kuno Yoshinori: Case for small appliance. Kyuu Products, July 2, 2004: JP2004-180718 (2 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a case 1 which enables the use of a small appliance housed such as a digital camera while effectively protecting it.SOLUTION: In the case for the small appliances, a bag-like body having an opening 7 for taking in or out the digital camera 20 is built up of a seal ma ...

Roland Ullmann, Helmut Faulstich: Case for small appliance. Braun, QIN KAIZONG, November 12, 1996: CN94194156

The invention pertains to a case in which to keep small appliances for personal needs. The case (2) consists of a supporting structure (4) with at least two sections (8, 10) hinged together by a turnaround device (6). Mounted on each of the two sections (8, 10) is at least one clip (12, 14) to hold ...

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