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An electrosurgical instrument for the contactless outer surface coagulation of biological tissue employs an arc discharge generated by a high-voltage external source at high frequency. The hand-held instrument housing (11) contains a central treatment electrode (12) at its insulated (11') operationa ...

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A plate to be mounted between a carburettor and a manifold to produce mixture turbulence has a ring of blades at an angle between 40 and 60 DEG to the face of the plate.

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A mixture supply control system for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle, comprising an auxiliary fuel passage for providing communication between the fuel reservoir and the main mixture passage so as to supply additional fuel to the main mixture passage, valve means for opening and clos ...

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A crankcase scavenged two-stroke engine includes a piston reciprocably mounted in a cylinder. The cylinder wall has an exhaust port and a rear transfer port opposed thereto formed in it. The rear transfer port communicates with the interior of the crankcase via a rear transfer passage and is arrange ...

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Device for the intelligent control of a venturi-type carburettor unit for a gaseous fuel, including a pressure regulator, a main throttle valve in the airsuction pipe for control of the engine output and a regulating valve in the gas supply pipe between the pressure regulator and the venturi, this v ...

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A fuel tank for a motor vehicle engine has a vent pipe for fuel or vapour overflow leading from an upper end of the tank filler pipe to a liquid separator chamber housed within the tank. The vent pipe extends from the separator chamber to a container holding activated carbon particles for adsorbing ...

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A carburettor operating under a constant reduced pressure comprising a mixing chamber formed in the intake manifold between the main and an auxiliary throttle valve, and fed with air and fuel by an emulsifying chamber, the input of air in which as required for idling and reduced load conditions, is ...

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The lawn mower comprises a vertical cutter shaft which is driven by an internal combustion engine its upper housing is formed as synthetic plastics moulding and combines a fuel tank, a carburettor and an air suction silencer into one construction unit which is secured as a unit on the internal combu ...