Improvements in electric regulators. Frederick Newton, June 10, 1949: GB624507-A

624,507. Automatic regulators. NEWTON, F. July 11, 1946, No. 20783. [Class 38 (iv)] A carbon pile electric regulator comprises a spring and an electromagnet acting oppositely on the carbon pile, the spring being made, at least in part, of bimetallic strips to compensate for temperature variations. T ...

Carbon pile electric regulator. Bendix Aviat, December 31, 1947: GB596248-A

596,248. Automatic control systems for electric supply circuits. BENDIX AVIATION CORPORATION. May 25, 1945, No. 13174. Convention date, April 4, 1944. [Class 38 (iv)] [Also in Group XXXVI] In a carbon pile regulator, in which the pile is subjected to pressure by a spring-loaded armature controlled b ...