Ray A Dooley, Frank R Wood: Monitor car transportation and storage conveyor system. Automated Conveyor Systems, Mason Fenwick & Lawrence, October 19, 1976: US03986605 (20 worldwide citation)

An accumulating conveyor system for transporting and storing plural loads, formed of a pair of laterally spaced parallel lines of non-powered rollers and an intervening load advancing car reciprocative along advance and return strokes between the ends of the roller lines. The load advancing car has ...

Widiger Hans, Hoffmann Dieter: Mine car transportation system. Fraser Malcolm W, December 17, 1974: US3854421 (6 worldwide citation)

A transport system for underground mining in which the cars, including the tractor and the trailer cars, have a plurality of supporting wheels in the form of flanged rollers provided with concavely curved surfaces which engage a track consisting of a pair of longitudinally extending convexly curved ...

Stefan Ardeleanu: Pneumatically propelled railway car transportation system. Institutul National Pentru Creatie Stiintifica si tehnica INCREST, Karl F Ross, September 4, 1979: US04166419 (6 worldwide citation)

A pneumatic transport system in which a transport tube is provided with an overhead rail in the form of an I-beam contained therein and a vehicle riding along the rail. The vehicle is formed by an elongated container suspended beneath the rail and displaceable therealong within the tube, with at lea ...

Brochand Max, Tamisier Franckie: Boarding station for tele-carrier e.g. gondola car, transportation, has transfer route subdivided into arrival section and departure section with formation of two bends that are situated at same level. Pomagalski, October 29, 2004: FR2854116-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

The station has a transfer route (11) subdivided into an arrival section connected to a departure section by an intermediate section with formation of two bends (V1, V2). The bend (V2) is situated at a side of the arrival section and the bend (V2) is situated at a side of the departure section. The ...


DEMEULENAERE LUDOVIC: Rail vehicle provided with a remote control desk, Schienenfahrzeug mit Fernbedienungspult, Véhicule ferroviaire fourni avec un bureau de commande à distance. BOMBARDIER TRANSP, August 1, 2012: EP2481653-A1

The invention relates to a track-bound single-car or multi-car transportation vehicle (10) provided with a first end (12A) facing a first direction (14A), a second end (12B) facing a second, opposite, direction (14B), and a driving cabin (18) for driving the vehicle (10) in the first and second dire ...

Lewis Michael: A foldable boat and vehicle roof top carrier. Lewis Michael, April 24, 2002: GB2368048-A

A roof mounted car transportation container comprises two sections which are hinged together with hinges 4 and can be unfolded to form a boat. In the unfolded condition the two sections are locked together with brass retaining bolts 5 which pass through a central thwart 6 that is foam filled to prov ...

Neumann Siegfried: Car transportation trailer.. Neumann Siegfried, January 22, 1992: EP0467249-A1

In a car transportation trailer having at least one axle with running wheels at both ends of the axle and having two running rails, for the cars to be transported, oriented in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle and tiltable about an axis running transversely with respect to the longitudinal d ...

Andre Jean Luc, Fity Christian: Vehicule porte-voitures a structures porteuses transversales individuelles propres a chaque train de roues, Car transportation vehicle, having individual transverse seating structures for each wheel train. Andre Jean Luc, Fity Christian, MARTINEAU FRANCOIS, February 7, 1989: CA1249859

ABREGE DESCRIPTIF Vehicule porte-voitures � structures porteuses trans-versales individuelles. V�hicule porte-voitures caract�ris�en ce que les niveaux de charge sont constitu�s par deslongerons et mobiles verticalement le long des poteauxde ch�ssis, longerons sur lesquels sont mont�es d�pla�ableslo ...


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