Oscar Malmin: Cannula and process. Reese Taylor, July 7, 1981: US04276880 (164 worldwide citation)

An improved cannula for utilization with and attachment to a dental instrument capable of selectively and alternatively injecting liquid under pressure and providing a vacuum for aspirating purposes and a process for utilizing the cannula. The improved cannula has a through central bore opening into ...

Christian Hirsch, Karlheinz Schlegel: Split cannula and process for the production thereof. Suddeutsche Feinmechanik, Dennison Meserole Pollack & Scheiner, June 7, 1994: US05318542 (130 worldwide citation)

A process for the production of a split cannula (10), and such a cannula having predetermined break lines (18) which run in the lengthwise direction (12) and preferably are diametrically opposite, are proposed, with the predetermined break lines (18) being produced by non-metal-cutting shaping.

Ronald B Luther: Small gauge, pre-split cannula and process for manufacture. Luther Medical Products, Willie Krawitz, May 22, 1984: US04449973 (68 worldwide citation)

A small size cannula having internal grooves is produced by pre-splitting the proximal end of the cannula along the grooves, and mounting the split ends into plastic, breakaway wings. By means of the split ends, mounting of the cannula into the wings is greatly facilitated. The process also permits ...