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This invention provides cable sealing apparatus comprising styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene triblock copolymer-oil compositions which are temperature resistant and nonmeltable. They have a viscosity at 200.degree. C. of at least 200 poise. The compositions can be molded under pressure at elevated t ...

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The invention relates to a sealed cable article and method for sealing the area between two or more cables and between the cables and an enclosure with a shaped article at a location where the cables exit from the enclosure, the method comprising (a) providing a shaped article of a polymeric gel sai ...

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A cable end seal and a closure which includes the cable end seal provides a barrier for a junction against water, the junction being in a cable. First and second end seals are disposed adjacent opposite sides of the junction and palced in compression around the cable, the end seals having an outer c ...

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According to embodiments of the present invention, a cable sealing assembly for providing an environmental seal about a cable includes a housing, a flowable cable sealant and a compression feature. The housing includes first and second housing parts. The first housing part defines a cable passage to ...

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A cable splice case comprises end seals that surround the cables either side of the splice and a housing that extends from one to the other around the splice. The end seals comprise gel having a convoluted outer surface and having internal non-planar ribs.

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The present invention relates generally to improvements in grommets of the type adapted to accommodate cables and more particularly to grommets adapted to sealingly encircle a cable and designed for assembly after the cable has been mounted in position. The present invention has a very practical app ...

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A close-fitting box (110, 120 FIG. 3) maintains a sheet (100) of mastic in sheet form for wrapping around a cable splice (FIG. 7) to supply large volume of mastic to fill the enclosure formed by applying a heat-shrinkable sleeve (250, FIG. 11) around the mastic-wrapped splice.

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The invention is a seal system for a coaxial cable and is placed within the coaxial cable and its constituent components. A series of seal stacks including load ring components and elastomeric rings are placed on load bearing members within the coaxial cable sealing the annular space between the coa ...

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A kit of parts is adapted for terminating electrical cable assemblies of the type having plural insulated conductors extending within an insulative jacket. The kit of parts is capable of terminating the cable alone or when enclosed in an outer cable conduit. The kit includes a body or gland, a hollo ...

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A cable sealing arrangement is provided for limiting the ingress of fluid into a location about a cable, such as a telephone wire enclosure, which generally includes a fitting, two sealing members, and two nuts. The sealing arrangement provides multiple redundant seals defined by the interfaces of t ...