Johnny Nylund: Lng fuel tank system for at least one gas engine used for ship propulsion. Hamworthy Gas Systems, August 30, 2012: US20120216919-A1

An LNG fuel tank system for at least one gas engine used for ship propulsion is comprising at least one LNG fuel tank (4) and a gas vessel (8), the LNG fuel tank to be-bunkered from an onshore LNG pressure tank filling facility by means of an LNG filling line (1). According to the present invention ...

Tuomas Sipilä, Oskar Levander: Method for operating a lng fuelled marine vessel. July 28, 2011: US20110179810-A1

The invention relates to a method and system for operating a LNG fuelled marine vessel. The marine vessel (1) comprises a LNG storage tank (3) and a LNG fuelled power plant (71). LNG is stored in the LNG storage tank, and in connection with a bunkering operation the marine vessel is supplied with LN ...

BERTH JØRGEN: Cooled bunkering pipe system. LR MARINE, Zacco Denmar, March 24, 2011: WO/2011/032556

The invention relates to an insulated bunkering pipe (100) used for bunkering LNG from at least one LNG storage tank to another. The bunkering pipe comprises an inner pipe (102) in which the LNG is transported. The inner pipe is enclosed by an outer pipe (104), forming a cavity (103) between the two ...

JANSSON Mathias, BACKLUND Leif: Procédé pour la commande dun navire alimenté en gaz naturel liquéfié (lng) et navire correspondant, Method for operating an lng fuelled marine vessel and a corresponding marine vessel. Wärtsilä Finland Oy, JANSSON Mathias, BACKLUND Leif, Awek Industrial Patents Oy, October 13, 2011: WO/2011/124748

The invention relates to a method for operating an LNG fuelled marine vessel comprising a propulsion system (2), a power plant (3)and an LNG storage tank, whereby LNG is supplied as a gas fuel from the LNG storage tank to the power plant. The marine vessel (1) deploys a fixed LNG storage tank (4) an ...


CASIMIRO RICHARD P: Bunker fuel transfer. INVENSYS SYSTEMS, Walters Gregory A, September 2, 2010: WO/2010/099276

A bunker fuel transfer system that includes a multi-measurement metering system and bunkering receipt issuing equipment (BRIE). The bunker fuel transfer system can be installed on either the bunker barge or the ship receiving the bunker fuel. Various implementations can provide for quantity certaint ...

Qian Aimei, Ding Jinyi, Wang Hui: Method for mfg. colour yarn by high speed elasticity spinning machine. Hongyuan Frame, Jiangsu, chen yang, March 23, 2005: CN200410041709

This invention discloses a method that produces high additional value color silk on the existing high speed stretch yarn machine. It adds the second feed roller, leading silk wheel, leading silk tube, leading silk machine, network nozzle, and soaking tube on the original machine. The first silk (POY ...

Seong Jin Yoo, Sung Jun Lee, Dong Kyu Choi: Ship for supplying liquified fuel gas. Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, September 27, 2012: US20120240874-A1

A ship for bunkering liquefied fuel gas to a liquefied-fuel-gas propulsion ship includes: a liquefied-fuel-gas storage tank installed in the ship; a fuel supply pipe connected to the liquefied-fuel-gas storage tank and supplying fuel to the liquefied-fuel-gas propulsion ship; and a BOG collection pi ...


Hu Shuiyun: Water bath vaporizer provided with vapor-water mixer. China National Air Separation Plant, chen gong, May 2, 2012: CN201110311628

The invention relates to a water bath vaporizer provided with a vapor-water mixer. The water bath vaporizer is mainly applied to the fields of petrochemical engineering, natural gas, and air separation, is used for vaporizing liquefied natural gas, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and the like, and al ...

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